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Posted By: BrattyJenn

Posted On: Oct 9, 2008
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Jeez, Leffler, you're gonna give me a complex! Why are you asking this? Here's why I ask: I called in sick yesterday, because I was hungover, and (to my defense) have been having awful sinus problems all week....

BUT....I am part time, have no sick time/vac. time benefits, no, really, in the big scheme of things, no harm no foul...I wasn't sticking election signs all over, I was in bed, going, "Oh, sweet Jay-sus, what have I done?"

Posted By: Daddydog

Posted On: Oct 9, 2008
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Call in sick

I rarely call in when I'm sick...unless its something really brutal.
Can't golf after work this time of year...if you wanna get in a comfortable 18 holes, weekdays are the target.
You got em, you might as well use em, or you lose em. I do tip off the boss, usually by saying something like, "I'm feeling a fairway from being well, a little rough around the edges,a little green and not to tee you off but I think the long drive to work will not be happening cuz I just don't feel up to par...."