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Posted By: DJ2

Posted On: Apr 6, 2004
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No Way!!

No way we need a super walmart. All walmart does is encourage the offshoring of more suppliers.
Also, who cares what they give the city, walmart is in the town! And, we townspeople don't really want any connection to the city! get rid of your fire department, merge your police with the sheriifs, then we can talk!!!!

Posted By: Cindy

Posted On: Mar 26, 2004
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As one comment stated, Walmart is pursuasive. If
I heard it right, that corporation is donating some $7000.00 in flowers to the city of Lockport.
Is this true?

Posted By: DJ

Posted On: Mar 24, 2004
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We have enough empty buildings on Transit Road right now. I would also like to know what tax advantages a new Walmart would get from the Town. These usually last 10 years and it's been about that long since the present store was built. Many citizens fought the current store because of traffic problems on Hamm Road to no avail. This corporation is very powerful and persuasive and it takes a great amout of citizen support to fight them. PLEASE go to all meetings oppoosing this project and contact Town of Lockport councilmen to let them know your views on this subject. Remember, this project affects both the Town and the City.

Posted By: A Patriot

Posted On: Mar 22, 2004
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My retirement plan

Please continue to shop at Sprawl-Mart! I'll need a greeter job to supplement my social insecurity income!

Posted By: Steve

Posted On: Mar 22, 2004
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I won't shop at Wal-Mart. I haven't set foot in their store since they decided to have the volunteers collecting for the Salvation Army stand outside. This past December the wind chills were bitter and they still refused to let them inside. More recently the Girls Scouts have been outside in front of the store in the freezing cold! I can find enough other places to spend my money without shopping there.

Posted By: Gloria

Posted On: Mar 20, 2004
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Federal taxes paying for Wal-Mart's employees

You don't save any money by shopping at Wal-Mart because your Federal & state tax dollars are used to subsidize their underpaid employees to the tune of over $2000 per employee. This fact is straight from a Congressional Report released in February 2004. Think about that when you pay your taxes and hear that Wal-Mart is "Such a Great place" to shop!

The news that 10% of communist China's exports are sold at Wal-Mart made my decision stronger. I don't shop a Wal-Mart now and certainly will not consider shopping at a Super Center.

I get very annoyed when someone tells me "You can't find stuff that isn't made in China." I can and do. I look in stores and on the Internet to find American made products.

Grocery shopping at local stores gives you better products, especially meat at places like Washburn Meat Market, locally grown produce at Tops, ShurFine, Niagara Count Produce, etc. The list of places to get good food is shrinking because many of us are "Penny wise and Dollar foolish". Where will your children work? Are you going to have a good life if you and your spouse have to work two low paying jobs each? When will you live?

Posted By: LAURIE

Posted On: Mar 20, 2004
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I agree with Mary Ann. I would love to see a Wegman's in Lockport. I stopped shopping at Tops several years ago for meat(its tough) when I got a Sam's club membership. I now have one for B.J.'s. I don't go to Sam's anymore because in January of this year I started shopping at Wegman's. It's a beautiful store, customer service is excellent, excellent variety, can't beat the quality of their meats, and if you shop the sale items you don't spend anymore than you would at Tops.

Anyhow, since Wegman's, B.J.'s, and Target are all in close proxcimity on Transit I choose to shop in Erie County. Even if a Super Walmart came to Lockport I would not shop there. I don't go to the one we have now unless I absolutly have to. The parking is terrible, unless you get their before 10:00 a.m. during the week. Weekends? Forget it! Besides, they have the same old stuff.

I think Lockport would do better to have a varity of smaller stores in the area. Why put all your eggs in one basket?

Posted By: Scott Leffler

Posted On: Mar 20, 2004
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Don't fear the comment ...

I've got to tell you, so far I'm surprised ... I thought it'd be more one-sided than it has been so far (current vote total 9 against Wal-Mart and 5 for). Don't be afraid to write a few words in the comment section about why it is you support or oppose the plan ...

Posted By: Mary Ann

Posted On: Mar 19, 2004
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Super WalMart

It would be better if we supported the businesses we already have in the city and town, and helped them stay afloat. The city/town would be better off trying to get a Wegman's to give Tops a run for their money.