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Posted By: Earl Frampton

Posted On: Apr 10, 2004
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A Moratorium is necessary to give us time to do an impact study on the subject of any kind of super mega store replacing the Lockport Mall. The big question is why do we need another Walmart when we have one already. I support the moratorium and urge everyone to make the town board meeting on april 14th to do the same.

Posted By: Gloria

Posted On: Apr 7, 2004
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Moratorium, etc

If we let more large buildings rise without control or pre-planning, our town will soon resemble a concrete graveyard. Many of these extremely large single purpose stores are driving all competition out of business. They are also driving their suppliers out of the country by demanding unreasonable price cuts, which are not necessarily passed on to the consumer. When these same large building get 50% tax breaks, who do you think makes up the other 50%? It comes out of your pocket!

A shopping example: You pay the same amount of money for "N__e" shoes, made in third-world countries for a few cents per hour, that you pay for shoes made by Americans. By driving your neighbors out of a job and putting them in a position where their family needs govermental help, your taxes WILL rise! There goes your pocket again, yelping.

How much did you really save by buying CHEAP(?)imported goods at a large national chain store?