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Posted By: Sue

Posted On: May 4, 2004
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In an effort to be fair to all concerned, the general public and grieving families, the choice should have been left to individuals directly affected by the publication of these names. Of course, that would have required legwork and consideration, of which the fifth estate seems to have no desire to participate. NPR, if aired in this area, would have taken the time to do the necessary steps to consider the feelings and affect this listing may have on those left behind. At the beginning of this war, last names of individuals going to Iraq were not aired or listed by the media in fear of repercussions to families left behind. When did the fear of such repercussions end? Listing casualties full names and locations of their departure still, in effect, leaves families open to any previous dangers feared.

Posted By: Scott Leffler

Posted On: May 3, 2004
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The truth shall set you free ...

It isn't a journalists job to be patriotic ... if the mainstream press would just start putting the truth before the folk without worrying about how it will make them look, we could get out of this mess we're in (Iraq and the Bush regime). In fact, if the press hadn't been so d@mned worried in October 2001 through December of 2003, we'd all be better off. Rather than calling the president out, there was an overwhelming push to "stick with him" because they were afraid to be called unpatriotic. This obviously doesn't apply to yours truly. I'd rather be true to myself than be in cahoots with the Bushies ... but I think you already knew that. BUT!!! Nightline should have been more transparent. They weaseled their way into it by not being up front to begin with. You don't need to say you're being patriotic ... just say something like this: "It's our job to present fact. That's what we're doing. You interpret it any way you want to." By trying to come off as patriotic, they were, in essense, lying to you. And you deserve better from your press. IMHO.