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Posted By: DJ

Posted On: Jan 17, 2005
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Social Security

Social Security has worked fine since 1936. Changes and modificatioons have improved the system and made it work reasonably well down to the present time. Over the next 40 years additional changes will keep the present system functioning and viable. President Bush is trying to make already wealthy financial "Robber Barons" richer by diverting funds into the investment arena. Not all investors make a profit and what about those who do not want to participate? I hope many Republicans, including Rep. Reynolds, will join the Democrats and prevent this unnecessary "reform".

Posted By: Ron

Posted On: Jan 12, 2005
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Privitize Social Security

Social security has been an issue long debated. The only current solution is to raise our contributions to provide the funds to support the program. Privatization of SS provides another investment option for people to control there own destiny. It would appear that the majority of people are more interested in complaining about Government that taking personal responsibility.
I would support the Government providing multiple options for those wishing to remain in the program as it is and an option for those wishing more personal control over their finances.