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Posted By: Mark Jundi

Posted On: Dec 2, 2004
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I've seen GFR several times(Cinncinnati,Atlanta,Terra Haute in the 70s,Indianapolis in the 90s and Muncie a couple or so years ago.)The new line up is great but differant.They kinda remind me of Rare Earth.Anyway,I keep hearing about videos.Where can I get them?

Posted By: Gary T. Byrum

Posted On: Oct 2, 2004
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Live at Shea Statium

What has ever happened, with the legal B.S. about the film. I am getting old and would like to see this in my life time. There is a new generation of fans in my family, they have grown up with the music and posters, and yes, even their Uncle Gary with pictures dressed in the Fashion of Mark Farner(#1 songwriter or the rock era).

Posted By: Arno Nuehm

Posted On: Jun 18, 2004
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sometimes when I listen to Metallica, all I here are tunes and licks from Grand Funk.
they must be GFR-Fans, too. even if they don't know it ...

Posted By: Steve Zartman

Posted On: Nov 28, 2003
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GFR and today

I've been a huge GFr fan since I first bought the "Closer To Home" LP when it was relaeased in 1970. Soon after that my buddies and I formed our own "Garage band" and played mostly GFR tunes for about the first 6 months of our existence. I saw them 2X's in Baltimore at the Civic Center and was blown away both times and in 1996 during the re-union tours.

I have not seen the re-formed band and can not imagine GFR without Mark Farner, however I am a member of Mark's Yahoo Fan Club, "Mark Farner's Railroad" and traveled up and down the east coast to attend 9 different Mark Farner & N'rG Band shows. If you see one Mark Farner Show you've seen as close as you will get to the real GFR.


Posted By: ampheat

Posted On: May 13, 2003
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red album

Indeed one of the great bands of that era. Saw them in 71 at the Montreal Forum which left an indelible impression on me. Their song writing ablity coupled with their unique sound (Mark's guitar sound, Mel's quasi-distorted bass riffs and Don's energetic playing with that tight Ludwig chrome snare drum) produced some of the most creative loud heavy rock of all time. The red album is simply amazing. How many bands can produce an album where every song is remarkable and not merely a filler. Truly an amazing album which sound even better in the remasted CD version.

Posted By: bob barravecchio

Posted On: Dec 3, 2002
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long time fan

have been a fan since the live performence on late night tv. thay played inside looking out. i still have the 8 track of on time. i have a web page and we are the only gfr tribuite band in new york. and . we are opening for a led zep band we would like to repeat historey. looking foe a messenger guitar . in funf bob

Posted By: Steve Scott

Posted On: May 23, 2002
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Love 'em

I've also been a Grand Funk fan since I first heard the Red Album. I played it so much I wore it out and had to buy a second one. I'm a DJ at an Oldies Station in Ohio and had an opportunity to interview Don Brewer about a year ago. Probably the best interview I've had to pleasure to do. What a cool guy...unfortunately since Mark doesn't play with them anymore...Oh well!!

I have been looking for the Red Album on CD and can't seem to track it down anywhere. If anyone could give me a heads up on where I might find a copy...please e-mail me.

Steve Scott
Majic 95.9, WYNT

Posted By:

Posted On: Sep 13, 2001
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I had to make Bosnia my choice simply because I saw it at The Palace!

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Posted On: Sep 12, 2001
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Hello Fritzzz, you have a great site. I voted for E pluribus. I see is not the favorite with all the GFR comunity, but is my opinion. Thanks for your site. See you soon

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Posted On: Jun 16, 2001
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where are they now????????????

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Posted On: May 24, 2001
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born to die

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Posted On: Apr 9, 2001
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i wish the live album could be remastered....It sounds terrible,

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Posted On: Feb 27, 2001
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I used to listen to the red album when I was young, but my album was stolen, so I am in hunt for a CD of the red album. Can anybody help me?

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Posted On: Dec 18, 2000
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I know the bassist that Terry Knight was recruiting for GFR before they found Mel.

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Posted On: Oct 2, 2000
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