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Posted By: dinara

Posted On: Oct 30, 2002
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Best of the Best

Karimov is the best of the best .Open your eyes people he maid big things in 10 years show me the country that made such a increase in his country.We are only 10 years old yong humans.If we will not suport our president who will???Karimov may be not the best but whithout him our country would be worst it is true iam sure as possible.People Hope against hope and you will see.

Posted By: Bob

Posted On: Oct 27, 2002
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Evrythng`s gonna be OK

Ppl of Uzb. dont worry evrythng will be allright
I know that our country has lost its way and is trying to find it. I believe that we will become the most powerful contry in Central Asia. But there is one "but", we should make quick and exact economic reforms, the gov. should give freedom of speech and business to our ppl. (I think that the time has come)and also I believe that our president is trying to do his best to save our nation. Of course he is not a "perfect man" and he makes mistakes too, but he should be careful when making decisions because his one one action can cause trouble or prosperity to millions of people. And I think that he has no right to play and test with lives of people of Uzbekistan.
If you have any ideas about what I`ve said please give your opinions. :)

Posted By: Sumbudy

Posted On: Oct 27, 2002
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It could be worse...

So we are now in the xxi century, globalization is progressing, more and more countries are becoming democratic, but Uzbekistan ...?
As for me, I don't even imagine what is going on in the government, I think that mostly all of the motherf**king stuff going there is just a funky ****!!! I guess that I. Karimov is not so bad guy as he is said 2 b. But he could do better if he wanted. Another thing is those ppl surrounding him and trying 2 seem bloody "good". **** those men...
Briefly I just wanna say that, Uzbekistan has no future w/such government, and everything is just imitation.
**** this democracy as well as government!!!
Cheers guys................

Posted By: Nodirjon

Posted On: Oct 27, 2002
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No good, no bad

Karimov is not a sort of selfish people, but he's not an ideal person as well, he is far yet away from being a perfect leader, he'd better change every component of the governing class & give some more freedom to people, both in voice & opportunity. In addition he gotta change the people's mentality, coz all the staff be worthless without the improvement of the minds, also he should stop the company of idealness, as all people think he is an ideal ruler, but in fact, it is not completely clear, yeah, I cannot deny all his contributions, maybe it was the most optimistic track, but whatever, he should stop the beaurocracy, no use of pretending that it doesn't exist, especially among governing class.

Posted By: no name

Posted On: Oct 25, 2002
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Just opinion

Everyone makes mistakes but the more mistakes u make the worse for the people. I don't mean that he makes a lot of mistakes but he better change the ones who surrounded him and everything is gonna be just cool. And let people have free voice!!! We are sort of democratic country

Posted By: Sardor

Posted On: Oct 23, 2002
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Think twice befor saying something

There is no idial person in the world! So Islam Karimov olso makes mistakes as we do. But he is real patriot of Uzbekistan.Unfortunately I can not say that Karimov is in good company. Beacose some people in our gaverment makes him to advance a rong law. And I think that this is reason which slows down our econome. But I hope that our president will see how the land lise and will make good clear-cut decision in oder to stop this deception. In my opinion the trenchant policy of our president will bring us to the great future.

I hope that you will anderstand me right.

Posted By: Dinara

Posted On: Oct 17, 2002
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I am a free person!

I am a free person and have all rights to respect my President. I can love anyone I want even if he is a State Lider. Moreover, Ihave seen nobody who could rule Uzbekistan better than Karimov! You can support me or not, it's your right...

Posted By: Does not matter

Posted On: Oct 14, 2002
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****ers of Uzbekistan

Who the **** can respect mother****er karimov?!

KARIMOV! FEED YOUR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Odil R.

Posted On: Oct 13, 2002
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How can you expect the computer to count all your votes? In a democratic society you can vote only once:)))

Posted By: norton

Posted On: Oct 13, 2002
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hmda... i've tried three times, but it says that i 'd already voted... you see. maybe therefor, you have this kind of a result. and one more thing: being good between bad ones doesnot mean that he is good... it is just "mysel vsluh..."


Posted By: Odil R.

Posted On: Oct 4, 2002
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Posted By: Don

Posted On: Oct 1, 2002
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They are ****ed dictators.
They are dog****.
But you, Dinary - ****ed bitch.

Posted By: Dinara

Posted On: Sep 30, 2002
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Islam Karimov is the best president.


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