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Posted By: seuz

Posted On: Nov 30, 2005
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Former USSR

You cold not even wright in a properly English to my regret. I got education in former USSR, working a lot for international organisations and your question and, especially, answers very suprised me. Where is a background for a good education in Uzbekistan? Once in a lesson in a school students asked a teacher - how long you study - 15 years. What is your salary rate now? 30$. The answer from young's was - we got this salary without any education on the market when we just sell water. This is a thruth. This is your current education level.

Posted By: Julia

Posted On: Nov 23, 2005
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US education.

Personaly I think that Uzbek education, especailly high school is much stronger than US. I went to Uzbek school 1-3 grades, and 4-10 in US, then finished 11th grade back in Uzbek school. Level of knowledge from 3rd grade of Uzbek school took me well till 6-7 grade in US, and when I came back to Uzbek school and joined 11 class, I felt like... I was on the level of 5-6 grade. I know that we compare Soviet schools to Uzbek. And I didn't get to see Soviet schools, but I would definetly stand up for Uzbek education. Corruption? Well, if you're a good student, it doesn't touch you.

Posted By: Zhandos

Posted On: Nov 20, 2005
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Uzbek education

Salamaleikum I see u r discussing, first of all it depends on the economic situation in Uzbekistan. Soviet education is better? Hm If you kill local brains whose ideas were to establish a democratic country with a good education, of course it will be better, Uzbeks! I am sure that soon uzbek potential will result. Having a production, high population, mineral resources(baska ne kerek) you can grow yo economy. It can be realised only after yo president resigns!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: TiMuR

Posted On: Jul 27, 2005
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USSR vs. Uzbekistan

Have no idea why you folks compare Uzbek and US education. Poll was about USSR vs Uzbekistan ...

Of course uzbek education sucks (Diablo :), but comparing USSR education to US one in some points it was much better ;) (fundamental science, not business studies and economics :)

Education in Uzbekistan is still under developement. It was stupid to throw out 70 years of experience in order to establish something new. Although still we can see some "popoganda" tricks similiar to old Soviet style :)

Anyway ... I bet most of people who are reading this article got USSR education (at least high school). So think yourself ...

With best regards,


Posted By: samina

Posted On: Jul 6, 2005
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i truly agree

I truly agree with what have benn said before me. And i have some pessimistic points, that untile the best youth of our country is far away getting the best education in countries such as USA, Europe and Japan or even India, the youth who have less education and less sources of course with less power, we can't do anything to hope for better education, poitical system and economical. I was far away too, and right now i am in my home country. I am sure about one thing. it is very possible to say everything and to have a dark humor about Uzbekistan while you are abroad. But we hope for one thing, that such an educated people with sharp talan are back and are involved in Uzbek community. In this way, we will have HOPE for many things! Take care about your education in the USA!

Posted By: Diablo

Posted On: Jun 25, 2005
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UZ Education System Stinks

No offense to anyone who graduated from Uzbek College or University but the education level in my homeland(Uzbekistan) does trully suck. I hear stories from my brothers and four years of worthless time they spent basically studying nothing and being exposed to "crock of crap".