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Posted By: Pinky

Posted On: Jul 10, 2006
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Tequila Shots

Ok, so I've done 3 shots in 1 minute but nobody paid me $5 to do it. Rip off, I say. :P

Posted By: Syrgot

Posted On: Jul 10, 2006
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RE: Tequila Shots

I called my anorexic friend an ugly fat slut once after doing tequila shots. I stopped drinking it after that.

Posted By: Sarah

Posted On: Jul 14, 2006
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RE: Tequila Shots

I had four (five?) tequila shots (preceded by many other drinks) at my bachelorette party and I ended up making out with one of my girlfriends. Then I had a hangover for three days (I swear it, three days) afterwards. That being said, I would STILL drink three tequila shots in one minute for $5.

I would actually do most of the things on that list for $5.