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Posted By: sarah21

Posted On: Aug 13, 2006
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Where was W&G?

My favortie show was and still is (even though it went off) Will & Grace. How can you not love that show. Jack and Karen are the reason the show stayed on so long andWill is hott and Grace is beautiful. What more does a show need then gay guys with straight female friends, and a rich pill poppin drunk lady w/ an annoying voice and a spanish maid. Damn thats comedy!

Posted By: Bob

Posted On: Aug 13, 2006
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RE: Where was W&G?

I never cared much for that show, couldn't make it through a single episode without changing channels.

Posted By: Homophobe

Posted On: Aug 14, 2006
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RE: Where was W&G?

Too many gay-related references for a straight man to like.

Posted By: Everyone in the world

Posted On: Aug 23, 2006
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RE: Where was W&G?

That show sucked! Not in the least bit funny or clever. Americans loved it, that tells you all you need to know.