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Posted By: Goody2Boobs

Posted On: Aug 21, 2006
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Update on the updated updates!

Ya know how I hate leaving you guys in the dark on my life so....TIME FOR AN UPDATE!!!. So much has happened....its been....holy crap! almost 24 hours since the last update! I have had meals and everything. oh and I watched TV...my favorite show punky brewster was on twice! i called up one of my girlfriends but she was ll like "I am busy" and I was all like "Its all good, punky is on anyway!" We both love it! anyway...this morning I called her agaion and it turns out we both decided to eat cheerios for breakfast today..how cool is that! One cheerio fell down my shirt and landed between my bra and boob...and I was like wow! super cold!!! I go it out and fed it to the dog...cauz I use tannig lotion and didnt want to taste that! well thats it for now,,,,update on lunch later!

ok bye!