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Posted By: Vidchick

Posted On: Aug 21, 2006
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Yes - I know some may not agree, but the show is like ON all the time. I don't mean always on, but it is non stop action and it just continues all through the entire show. And I know all of the Jack Bauer jokes, and the show is even rather predictable in spots, but still, I think it rocks. We even made a drinking game of it. Every time Jack says Please, You have my word or I promise - DRINK!! Maybe I am amped about it because I just got into this year. Watched the first episode and 10 min of the second, then stopped and bought the rest of the seasons so we could catch up before we finished season 5. FYI - Tivo or DVR the stuff you don't HAVE to see during the regular season and save the whole season til summertime! Makes the night after night reruns easier to deal with.

Killing Jack Bauer only makes him angry.