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Posted By: adam

Posted On: Aug 26, 2006
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how about a ME update??

i recently started a new job...and it pays quite well but the hours are pretty brutal...just today i was offered a somewhat of a promotion....if i had said yes, there was no going back or i would have been fired and since today was my second day and i hadnt had any time to get my feet wet, i said Nay....they never mentioned what my pay woulda been...i shoulda asked.....but what they were putting on the table didnt sound very good anyway...ill be like every other schmoe in the place i dont mind....
i still find time to masterbate every day...but only once now

Posted By: impersonator

Posted On: Aug 26, 2006
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RE: how about a ME update??

what industry is it? Cause I just got outta the cable business, and I was working a brutal 105 hours a week. What is brutal to you?