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Posted By: mc

Posted On: Aug 24, 2006
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my thoughts on crocs

So I live in Boulder Colorado which is the birthplace of these things. So for about 4 years I have been looking at people wondering 'WTF?!'. They are so freakin stupid. But then about a year ago I needed some work shoes....and I got a pair of crocs. A really plain off-white pair. And I fell in love. I got it. So freakin comfortable. Given, I don't wear them outside of work, but I can no longer laugh at people who wear them. SO, long story short...if you want them, go get a nice plain color and rock them! As long as ur not walking about thinkin 'man, I am so cool in my crocs' and then accessorize them (there are accessories now..ugh) then ur golden. Who cares what people think!