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Posted By: Chucko Bucko

Posted On: Aug 25, 2006
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If you like COMFORT

I finally broke down and bought a pair of these shoes after a long fight with myself over them. At first glance I thought the shoes were hideous!!! However, after some recent problems with my knee....and working in a preschool where I am on my feet all day, I decided to go get a pair to try them out....and I must say, despite their ugly appearance, they are the most comfortable shoes! If you don't care too much about style, but you do care about comfort, then I think you should get these! My knee has not been hurting near as bad as it used too, and they are great if you are on your feet all day. I am by no means saying these are a miracle shoe and they cured my ailment...but I am saying they help a considerable amount, and hey are comfortable as hell....
Good luck!!

Posted By: marlin

Posted On: Aug 29, 2006
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RE: If you like COMFORT

good sir, you are ****ing queer.

**** crocs, they are gay.

if I see someone wearing them assumpions are made as to their sexuality.

they're THAT gay.

get a pair of birkenstocks.