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Posted By: Syrgot

Posted On: Sep 1, 2006
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Evil TA From Hell!

AHHHH!!! I have an evil TA from hell, he's the biggest piece of shit, asshole schmuck on the face of the Earth.

I emailed him before a section that I needed to switch out of, and six minutes later he responded giving me permission to do so. Now today, he's telling me he's giving me 1 of my 2 (we only get two all semester) unexcused absences for not showing up to the lab session he said I didn't have to go to. He also was laughing about this and making it into a big joke in front of the whole class. As I was walking out the door he laughed and said "I love to be mean."

Any of you ever have an evil TA?

Posted By: adam

Posted On: Sep 1, 2006
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RE: Evil TA From Hell!

we used to sneak into the woods during recess way back when....and this TA caught me comin out alone and she started screaming at me...the only thing i remember her saying was "you better hope your friends arent dead!!"
lol wtf