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Posted By: Trashmaster

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
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Saw it over the weekend (rented)...its even way better than Napoleon Dyno. check it out if you havn't!

David Spade is in it. The best actor ever!!!! Remember him in PCU????

Posted By: adam

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
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RE: Benchwarmers

benchwarmers was not that good...i remember PCU, but i dont remember him being in it

"blow me where the pampers is"

Posted By: Ian Davis

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
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RE: Benchwarmers

David Spade is bollocks. he was crap in everything he has ever done except Joe Dirt and that was just because it was more like a documentary of his life.

Posted By: tool

Posted On: Sep 6, 2006
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RE: Benchwarmers

i think the two movies he was in with chris farley were funny... tommy boy & black sheep

Posted By:

Posted On: Sep 7, 2006
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RE: Benchwarmers

Ian Davis, if you project your own background on an actor you're criticizing, it sounds kind of odd.

Posted By: The Almighty Doer of Stuff

Posted On: Sep 9, 2006
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RE: Benchwarmers

I think some people get what they deserve when their computer ends up so full of spyware, adware, and viruses that it stops working. People like the above poster, who seems to be blissfully unaware of the fact that the place he got that smiley from is spying on him.


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