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Posted By: Red Head

Posted On: Oct 5, 2006
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Kids with colds!

If you didnt click this then you dont know any kids personally!

I teach. I see sick kids everday from September all the way until New Years Break (we dont call it Christmas Break anymore). They cough and sneeze use their shirt to wipe it up. GROSS! I keep tissues, hand sanatizer and soap at the sink. I have to beg my students to use any / all of the above.

I have one male student this year with a projectile sneeze issue. Double Gross!

Posted By: lobstergirl

Posted On: Oct 6, 2006
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RE: Kids with colds!

Handling money and public drinking fountains. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Posted By:

Posted On: Oct 6, 2006
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RE: Kids with colds!

1. Use a debit card

2. You aren't supposed to lick the metal of the fountain. Just drink the water.

Posted By: Dragonmaster

Posted On: Oct 6, 2006
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RE: Kids with colds!

You want the worst? Fountain Drinks. You know, the soda at fast food places? Yea, the tubes that go from the syrup, CO2, and tap water (yep, local tap water) to the place where you press that button are never cleaned. All the water deposits building up, all the bacteria from the sugar that sits in that tube for months, not to mention the person that changes it with dirty hands, the CO2 is ok, but damn. You want the nastiest? Go to BK and ask to look into the hopper for the milkshake machine. Looks like cottage cheese dried up on the sides, and it goes in looking like milk. Those chunks you get aren't from ice, lol.

Posted By: Mike

Posted On: Oct 7, 2006
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RE: Kids with colds!

i never get sick so what do I care

Posted By: catholic priest

Posted On: Oct 7, 2006
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RE: Kids with colds!

I think the worst is when kids have herpes