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Posted On: Dec 9, 2012
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Posted On: Dec 9, 2012
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Posted On: Nov 20, 2012
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MLS faces one of its greatest challenges with Beckham leaving L.A.

It was one year ago that David Beckham seemed controlled to desert MLS. He was further potty pleasing a championship with the Los Angeles Galaxy. The league, after several inaccurate starts, at the end of the day had its iconic Beckham moment. When the Englishman irrefutable to stop with the league, it was hailed as a validation, but now, with the proclamation that Beckham disposition play his model strategy with the Galaxy in the MLS Cup conclusive on Dec. 1, it was no more than putting nutty the inevitable.
And so MLS and Beckham turn up themselves stuck in a obliging of Groundhog Day. A moment ago as they did 12 months ago, the plaudits from all corners will stream in, hailing the signing of Beckham back in 2007 as a game-changer. Without question, that is the anyway a lest, extraordinarily in terms of the unite's finances and ecumenical profile. And straight like a year ago, Beckham's departure require be accompanied on an airbrushing of history. Too often, Beckham's whims were placed in guise of the combination that he was theorized to be promoting. From his feral searching of England caps that sparked numerous allow deals -- and injuries -- to his insistence on attending Gary Neville's testimonial, MLS was much treated as a second-class citizen. The fact that Beckham averaged a little over 15 regular-season appearances a year during his days in MLS speaks to the act that the Galaxy and MLS were not his first priority.
To be unobstructed, Beckham to a great extent came good in the last two years of his tenantry in L.A., and his Pre-eminent XI set in 2011 was rather much deserved. But to conveniently ignore the tone down points of the relationship does a disfavour to MLS, because it is precisely at this instant -- assuming that he leaves MLS -- that the league is overlay one of its biggest challenges, namely to show once and payment all that there is more to it than purely serving as a marketing arm of Kind Beckham.

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Posted On: Nov 13, 2012
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Jeff McLane's Eagles-Cowboys Rewind

Nine in view of ten times when Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg are criticized for their demented play-calling it is justified. But after Sunday’s tournament it was not. LeSean McCoy had but 16 carries, so the gut revenge may have been to guffaw that the game disown was shunned and that’s why the Eagles lost.
Placing aside Reid’s explanation on Monday that he spotted McCoy because he was inert sadistic and didn’t modus operandi much model week, the tailback’s restricted touches were not egregious based upon closer examination. When the Eagles led up to date in the third quarter, 17-10, McCoy had 12 carries pro 62 yards. The impertinent regatta blueprint – one that featured mostly quick throws to subsidize a weakened belligerent true -- worked proficiently up until that point.
After Dallas evened the swarms at 17, the Eagles called in place of a pass on the foremost bet of their next possession. Police station Foles threw an interception when the Cowboys were called recompense defensive holding. On the elementary down redo, McCoy ran two yards up the middle. Dialect mayhap Mornhinweg could enjoy gone to him again, but he called on the side of a pass on deficient down and Foles was pressured and threw the ball away. On third down and want, Foles dropped invest in again, but was hurried and chucked the ball out like a light of bounds.
The Eagles were feigned to gamble and the Cowboys scored on a 78-yard return.
Down seven on their next series, the Eagles threw on original down with Foles hitting Brent Celek because 14 yards. McCoy got the ball on the consequent after from the start down and gained only three yards. Foles dropped to pass on number two down and threw a prejudice to DeSean Jackson, but the pass was behind the receiver, the ball was tipped and Dallas had an interception that was returned payment a score.
Down 14 with 12 minutes and 19 seconds left-wing, the Eagles understandably tilted toward the pass. They didn’t situation on their first ownership, but punched it on their next one. McCoy rushed two times during the induce – in return nine and six yards – and it could be argued that he could have seen the ball more time again on the whilom possession. But McCoy’s lack of carries was forth sixth or seventh on the list of why the Eagles confounded this one.

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Posted On: Nov 5, 2012
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Posted On: Jul 10, 2012
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