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Posted By: f igbamudu

Posted On: Apr 8, 2013
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UDO TOURIST rest house

Udo tourist rest house is located in eguare udo in igueben local govt of edo state, Eguare udo is the only community without good road in igueben, no water,please governor oshomole, Tom Ikimi know this road very well from igueben to UDO TO Ubiaja, this road should be look into

Posted By: christopher Ekhator

Posted On: Apr 6, 2013
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Entire removal of fuel subsidy

This might lead to a vote of no confident on the president by the civil society and the upper house of rep.

Posted By: GP CAPT A A GAJERE ~rtd

Posted On: Apr 6, 2013
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It is heart warming Mr President has finally flag off the payment the arrears of military pensioneers. This a major achievememnt and reconition of the service we rendered this country, God bless you Sir and reward with another term. This will sure uplift the life of our members.



Posted By: Idemudia Abdullahi

Posted On: Apr 6, 2013
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Man commits incest with step daughter

The girl reported the incident to her mother & she kept mute. She is enjoying the situation. She should be tried in the law court.

Posted By: christopher Ekhator

Posted On: Apr 6, 2013
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Amnesty for boko haram

It's a way forward for now.

Posted By: beckers

Posted On: Apr 5, 2013
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so sad

So painful I all I will say its not ordnary, lecturers dying like fowers and chickens
Competitions every were.
How can a healthy man, left his house and died just like that.

Posted By: prince ewere

Posted On: Mar 8, 2013
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unfaithful wife

this story did say the man and woman have children.if there is no children instead of going 2 police or esse were he should let the woman go.or esse she will day poise him

Posted By: prince ewere

Posted On: Mar 8, 2013
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unfaithful wife

this story did say the man and woman have children.if there is no children instead of going 2 police or esse were he should let the woman go.or esse she will day poise u

Posted By: omo john

Posted On: Mar 8, 2013
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bad guy

watch out for the bad guys whom main purpose is to reep where they did not sow

Posted By: enogie egos

Posted On: Mar 8, 2013
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I agreed with the last contributor. A lot of people are without job, hungry. The President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, by now should know how to go about this. I read in this passage a lots of recommendations to be taken. Dont the President or whoever duty it is to listen to crying Nigerians for seurity. A country without seurity, is no country. Please lets address the issue of social welfare for our people. Nigrians, living outside the country knows what a social welfare is.


Posted On: Mar 8, 2013
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Posted By: Julius

Posted On: Feb 27, 2013
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The comrade governor has done well,people can't just die like that,we need people like you sir,i thank others that joined the move as well,stay bless.Julis in diaspora

Posted By: opnonye paul

Posted On: Feb 26, 2013
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address and phoneno

pls i urgently need tne full address and gsm no of the woman herbal doctor.

Posted By: Chris Ogbebor

Posted On: Feb 25, 2013
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Outrageous Tax Rates Discourage Tax Compiance

Moderate tax rates being paid by all income earners (government and private) is far better than outrageous tax rates to be paid only by government workers. If every income earner in the country pays his/her rate as at when due, everything will be fine and the country will be better for it but a situation where tax payment is directed only at government workers is not helpful.

There should be no sacred cow in the payment of tax. It is a civic duty of every law abiding citizen in a civilized society.

Posted By: Alfred I. Okokoro

Posted On: Feb 24, 2013
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Re:commissioner nominees:Ososo community backs J

One good turn they say deserves another. That is the saying of the wise. Indeed, Ososo community deserves a commissioner for standing firm for the re-election of our comrade governor, Adams Aliyu Oshiomole. It is on record that the massive turn out by Ososo people during the second term bids of Governor Adams Oshiomole cannot be overemphasize. I am sure the governor is not ignorant of what transpired during the election that gave him victory for the second term.We are very grateful to Mr. governor for the historic appointment of the first Ososo indigenous commissioner since the existence of Ososo community over two hundred years ago. While we support the nomination and appointment of an Ososo person as commissioner, I don't belief that Mrs Jemitola is the suitable candidate for the position as of now judging from her performance in her first appointment. It is therefore advisable that the governor should look for somebody of impeccable character who is capable of delivery dividend of democracy to the people of Edo state and not someone like Jemitola who rode on her peoples' back to become a commissioner and then turn her back against them. Those who are canvassing for her reappointment do not mean well for Ososo people, perhap they are doing so not because they love Ososo more than the rest of us but for their parochial and clannish interest. Yes, Ososo people deserves to be compensated but not to be compensated with the former commissioner as being canvass for by parochial minded individuals of ososo who claimed to be the mouth piece of the people for the purpose of re-appointing Mrs Jemitola as a commissioner. I wish to say here that those who are campaigning for her re-appointment do not have the mandate of the entire Ososo community and therefore cannot speak on behalf of the community. Those mentioned as mouth piece of Ososo community are mere sectional spoke men who represent a fraction of the community known as Unukhuesa where the former commissioner and now commissioner nominee hail from. It is on record that her greatest achievement as the then commissioner in the state was the construction of a roundabout in front of her house that is neither useful to her or the community she hailed from. This is because a roundabout is not and can never be the priority of Ososo people. One of the most serious problem facing Ososo people today is not the problem of traffic congestion but none availability of clean drinking water and yet she neglected it because she could afford to sank a borehole in her house. Another area that demanded her attention and indeed government attention under her ministry then was a total renovation of Ososo tourist center which has a potential of providing job opportunity for the teaming youths of Akokoedo but my then commissioner had eyes but could not see beyond her nose. It is also on record that most of the primary schools in Ososo town are in dilapidated shape and unfortunately, a woman with such golden opportunity could not affect the lives of her people positively. One of her campaign chairman did mentioned in his write up that Mrs Jemitola's Non governmental organization had ever brought some medical team to Ososo to treat the people of eyes related problems free. Sad enough the author did not mention how Mrs Jemitola hijacked a programm that was initiated by a well respected and philanthropist community leader to suit her parochial political purpose. The memory of that programme is still very fresh in the mind of many of us till to day. Another thing she has done that her apostles of praise singers are clapping hands for is the introduction of Ososo carnival. If I may ask: what have the youths benefit from this vision less yearly rituals when many of the youths have to go borrowing in order to return back to their stations at the end of the carnival?. A leader with a vision should know what the needs of the people are before embarking on a worthless programme. As far as concerned Ososoans are concern the return of Mrs jemitola as commissioner in this present dispensation will portend more harm to the people than good. She can never be trusted again because she has betrayed the trust and confidence reposed in her. She is more of a clannish and sectional leader than she is being portray by her gospel singers. Some of her many sins against the people include forcefully taken a transformer meant for another quarters to her house, greed. etc.I sincerely hope that governor Adams will not make mistakes of imposing Mrs Jemitola upon the people of Ososo as there is every indication that the governor is not ready to listen to voices of reasons. However, her imposition upon the people will certainly generate a lot of tension in Ososo land. For the interest of peace I advise that the governor should go for a more acceptable candidate within and among the people of Ososo to fill the post. We have men and women of value who know where shoes pitches them and can match vision and foresight to together to produce dividend of democracy for Ososo people. We have men and women of intellects and intelligentsia who have been tested and trusted and can take the people of Ososo to the next level. We need a commissioner who will unite Ososo people and not a commissioner who will divide us along clannish and sectional interest. We need a commissioner who will give to the people what belong to them and not a commissioner who will take what belong to the people for herself. Long live Ososo community! Long live Akoko-Edo!! Long live Edo state!!!

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