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Posted By: liz

Posted On: Jun 24, 2002
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presentation nerves to extreme

i recently fell apart in front of a room full of people. my breathing became so fast that i almost passed out and i had to fall into a chair. i was then given water by one of the delegates. i actually got up again and finished the presentation - though i never fully regained normal breathing until hours afterwards. the strange thing is, this wasn't my first time. i'd already given much tougher presentations before this. why did i fall apart this time? will it happen again? my main probelm is that i feel like a fraud. i suppose i was thinking this as i began speaking which turned me into a gibbering wreck. i was prepared, i knew the room, i'd greeted my attendees as they came in. i did it all right. but it went so wrong. has this happened to anyone else?


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