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Posted By: Clare

Posted On: Oct 3, 2002
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Speech really scares me.

I am a college student and majoring in Business, marketing. I know I have to be good at speeching, especially presentations are necessary as a marketer, but I can't say anything. My brain's got stucked and I can't think at all. I really want to be succeed in speech, but I don't know how to overcome. I'm from abroad, and I know some of my classmates who are also from different countries speaks well. I am actually good at speaking when it comes to person-to-person. But When I see a bunch of people, I feel scared. I feel the audience are judging me.
I hate myself. It loses my self-confidence and extremely feel that I am weak.

I'll have presentations at school many times, and I am already worrying about it.
Maybe my pride cannot forgive myself the fact that speech anxiety really, really makes me different. I just had a 1-minite speech today and it was horrible. But I'm thinking to try it again and join for a speech club at school.
Hope it'll help. But I am not sure....

Please give me some tips that i can overcome.



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