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Posted On: Feb 21, 2005
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To Whom it may concern:
My reasoning for sending this inquiry is actually a rather different one. I am sending this message simply because I merely want to "speak" to a knowledgeable service about me beginning to give speeches. I can tell you that I am literally blessed because the automobile accident that I encountered just over 16 years ago leaves most people six-feet under the ground! In the following text I will attempt to tell you a brief synopsis of the accident, and you can hopefully tell that I am just a little different in the individuals of which you see email inquiries from each day I am sure. My over all intention to send you such an email is this, I simply need the required directions that will enable me to share my accident and the total recovery with others.(i.e. school groups, churches, and people gatherings in general) I can 100% honestly tell you from the beginning that not 1 word of my description is "stretched" or made up either. The recovery in which I received on October 15, 1989 was completely an act of our God or in no way, shape, or form would I still be alive today.

The life-transforming miracle auto-accident of which I am speaking of left me with only a five-percent chance of living and with the following injuries just to name a few: A 3.5 month hospital stay, 2+ months in a coma, 2 brain surgeries, the right side of my body was paralyzed, a Trachea was necessary, and the list goes on even further. Relearing to walk, to talk, to eat, to drive, and to all-in-all learn the basics of living have been necessary, Chelle, I have received such a complete blessing from God to have 100% completely recovered from injuries of this magnitude! On the night of the accident my parents were told before they could see me by my Doctors that I had only a five-percent chance of living, and that if I did happen to live that I would be a vegetable! I can assure you, Frank, was in no way left to be a vegetable! literal.

I have been married for more than 6 years to my wife and we have a 5 year old son and a 3 month old daughter too! Oh my goodness Chelle, our God is so good and the people of my region need to hear of His GREATNESS by having me to tell them of what He has done in my life!!! Although I do work in education and I am also a full-time school bus driver, I know of the seperation of Church and State law too! Ha Ha When I speak to students I can simply describe my accident, my recovery, and how they should set & strive to reach goals in their lives.

I have literally been granted a second chance at living and I am overly anticipating my beginning to share my story with others, The primary goals of which I speak of are to share my miracle with others, how God's powers are legitimate when speaking to churches, how we as people have to set goals in our lives when speaking in most settings, and there are many more. The list of individuals that I know and do not know can be greatly helped by hearing of my story and my discussions will have no boundaries either. As I stated previously, I work as a full-time school-bus driver and in for a special education help provider as a 1-on-1 aide, I can begin by speaking to student gatherings and talk to them regarding having more optimistic outlooks, that all things are possible with proof by hearing of my story, to set personal goals to do better, and the likelihood of anyone reaching those set goals when they are continually strived for. I can speak to Church groups about the total and complete miracle working power of our God by giving my amazing testimony in a speech-like setting. I can speak to many different types of groups literally in many different ways. Although my speech "resume" has not yet been made up,our God is directing me to do just what the subject of this message is:..TO SHARE HIS MIRACLE WORKING ABILITY WITH MANY OTHERS BY USING MYSELF AS AN EXAMPLE! (I can "shape" my speech in the necessary manners that the gathered group calls for) I quite literally know that I have what it takes to successfully help many other individuals that are in need to hear my story.

I can honestly tell you that I get such a feeling of complete joy when I simply think of what He has done in my life!!! It is totally miraculous! I honestly feel like I am a walking-miracle "word-bomb" and I greatly anticipate being enabled to be set off soon! I would like to ask that you pray about the need of which I am speaking of in this email, and I know without a shadow-of-a-doubt that our God will show you the legitimacy of my story. It is only His reason and miracle enabling ability that I am still alive today, and I know that He will show you entirely the legitimacy of my story!!! Again, I apologize for the minimized version of what I have lived through, I will greatly fill you in further at your request for me to do so. Please do not misunderstand my message of request. Although I do give thanks to our God for totally enabling me to live through such a traumatic ordeal, my messages at school gatherings will not evert to "preaching" to the listening individuals. I have had such a multitude of experiences over the past 16 years to share! My speech-list can be regarding thinking positively as I said previously, to setting goals, to the different stages of my recovery, etc... The list of topics in which I can share in different settings of gathered people is quite lengthy. However, the primary point is to actually help to enable others to see that there is always "light" at the end of every tunnel, even the tunnels that seemingly have no end. I greatly thank you for sending me any and all information in helping me begin to share my story with many others and to help them!

Wayne Gibson
4686 N. Brummett Land
Austin, IN. 47102
I apologize for any mistakes and/or
typo's of which this message may contain


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