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Posted By: Christine

Posted On: Dec 6, 2001
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He was the greatest man ever, he changed the world with his music, talent, he had great wit, he was honest, cheeky and outspoken and cared a great deal for world peace.
Imagine is one of my favorite songs but we must not forget all the great songs he written while with the Beatles.
Even now nearly 21years after his death people still remember him and pay tribute to a beautiful man, I always get a lump in my throat when you realise how many people from all over the world really do love him and remember him and listen to his music. He should never be forgotten, I for one certainly won't forget John Lennon, listening to his music has changed the way I feel about todays music,You listen to bands like Sclub7 or steps and I just put my hands on my head and say 'OH MY GOD' what crap that's not music it's not even talent, when I hear bands like that It makes you wish to yourself I wish John Lennon wasn't dead I wish the Beatles would just comeback, but it will never happen now, George Has passed away.
I never grow up with Beatles Iam only 21, I came home from school one day and Hard Days Night was on the t.v I was 12, well, what can I say I was hooked and one member stood out from the rest ,and that was John.
I never experienced the moments that are now part of history, I will never hear those words when I put on my t.v 'HERE ARE THE BEATLES'
But at least we have their music and the greatest song of all time 'IMAGINE'

Posted By: lynne

Posted On: Dec 17, 2001
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RE: john

john lennon had so many great songs, the poll
showed that because not just one song stood out
except of course imagine, but everyone had different favorite songs. It was hard to choose,
I was going to check them all..
Not many songs can move you the way john's songs
did, they really could make you feel happy, sad,
When George died it really was the beginning of the end of the revolution, musically speaking.
John's death was sadder more violent and made
you feel helpless and just numb.
I'll miss both these musicians more than any other
. When things get too hectic and crazy just put
on some Beatles music and you'll be feeling better
soon. That's a guarantee!

Posted By: Christine

Posted On: Dec 18, 2001
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RE: john

Thanks Lynne for your comments about john lennon everything you say is right you listen to his songs and you feel great, he was truly a fantastic bloke
I' D like to hear from you again and your really nice comments about john......

Posted By: lynne

Posted On: Dec 18, 2001
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hi christine,
it's great someone from a younger generation
appreciates the greatness of the beatles , mainly
lennon, I'm twice your age and I was around for
the breakup of the beatles which was almost like
a death except of course the solo albums came out. The Beatles were the greatest thing to come out
of ENgland, but of course I'm a big Stones fan
too but that is different.
Keep honoring John by playing his albums (cds whatever) , and peace be with you.

Posted By: Mario Frey-Ritter

Posted On: Dec 31, 2001
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RE: john

The best I remebering was a Autogramcard from
Yoko I received here in Germany after 1980 in Dezember when John was killed by Mark David Chapman
in N.Y.City because my Heart felt so heavy. I was
a Beatles Fan since I can remember. My Son First was
born on the 10th Oct. 1990 and his name will called
Sean-Julian Frey-Ritter. Now he is 11 Years old and
any Birthday I celebrating his Birthday I will remember John 1 Day before here in Germany as One of
the Greatest Beatle ever. We will miss you John because nothing will be changed the World. We will roule the World but Peace will not be held. I will
ever think about John he was a good friend of George and now he is gone. But his Voice and Political Affare never will be forgotten. Peace and Love from
Winston O┬┤Boggie. Love and Peace from Germany
Mario and Linh from Germany. World Peace for ever!!

Posted By: Ylli

Posted On: Jan 4, 2002
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RE: john

Hi everybody,
what more can I say?
John is the best and will always be. I'm too young, too, I didn't ever live in the Beatle-time. Being 15 and living in Germany isn't always easy for a Beatles fan. But nobody can change my mind.
He's the best of all times.

A question to Lynne: The Beatles - fantastic, The Stones - fine, but what about the Who?

See you

Posted By: lynne

Posted On: Jan 6, 2002
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RE: jWHO are you

the WHO are definitely a great band also, do you
have tommy the rock opera , it's a classic.
Also just got my fav. album on CD 'Who's next"
which has the song "behind blue eyes" among
my favorites.
Let me know what your fav. Who, song, album is.
later, Lynne

Posted By: Ylli

Posted On: Jan 7, 2002
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RE: john

Hi Lynne,
I love Who's Next, too!! I think I like Quadrophenia better than Tommy, but they're different.
I'd like to talk to you about them, but I would hate myself doing it on a John-Lennon-Website. So please let me know your email adress or write to

See you!!

Posted By: FAITH

Posted On: Jan 25, 2002
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RE: john

I grew up listening to the BEATLES and drooling over them. As I grew up and listened to them each separately I began to realize that although PAUL was the cutest, GEORGE was the searcher, RINGO was the beat, JOHN was like a big brother to me. He always told you how it was whether you wanted to hear it or not. I listened to his last album just the other day and was so moved by how comfortable he was with the decisions he made with his life and he planned to stay on the same path beause it was his path. I cried too, because my birthday is just 3 days before his and I celebrate each year as an accomplishment and then I light a candle and think about John on the 9th. I remember where I was when he died, sitting in front of the TV waiting for someone to say this was a joke!!! He was legend in his own time and still to this day is greatly missed. I just knew he would be an integral part of the 9/11 Coming Together of the USA!!!! "KEEP THE FAITH"

Posted By: Leslie

Posted On: Feb 17, 2002
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RE: john

I didn't read all of the comments and things about john lennon, but he was a kewl dude it seems. I never really listened to much of his music, but I'm into the beatles and I'm 12 years old! (people seem to think that's weird) I know all their songs, and even though my favourite beatle is george harrison, I will remember john too!!

- peace out

Posted By: Erwin

Posted On: Feb 21, 2002
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RE: john

I was born on the same date, but not the same year, that the pacific of theatre of World War II broke out. And, if you guys know your history, it was also the date John Lennon died. What, you say, is the relevance of the two dates? For one thing, both are dates that peace died. And sure enough, as dear old Teddy Roosevelt said, it will be a day that will live in infamy. I was no fan of the Beatles, but when I heard the music of John Lennon, I became one. I said to myself, surely, if one such genius is a member of a band, then that band should be great. And indeed, it was. IT WAS GREAT. Emphasis on the word WAS. They were the greatest band to have ever performed in this world. Sad to say, they were also the last. Because without John Lennon, there will never be the Beatles again and there will never be a great band again. Need I say more?


By the way, one of the other great Beatle, George Harrison, died about more than a month ago.

Posted By: Malinda

Posted On: Jul 21, 2002
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RE: john

I dunno what more can I say, 'cause the only thing I can say to it is that I really LOVE JOHN LENNON and I hope it says more.

Posted By: DOM

Posted On: Aug 2, 2003
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RE: john

okay i am 13 years old and i wouldnt think anyone would say that is wierd. John Lennon was the greatest vocalist of the beatles. after i heard johns voice in many beatles songs i started listening to his solo albums. i personally thought they were alot better then many beatles songs. i really liked the songs: Women,Imagine,InstantKarma,and Give Peace A Chance. JOHN LENNON WAS THE BEST! Well, thats all i have to say. SO PEACE

Posted By: Donno

Posted On: Dec 4, 2005
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RE: john lennon

John Lennon shook the world, so i am writing a song about his death and how awful it was

Posted By: Donno

Posted On: Dec 4, 2005
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RE: RE: john lennon

John Lennon shook the world, so i am writing a song about his death and how awful it was

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