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Posted By: katharina

Posted On: Feb 12, 2002
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i had a dream

hi !
i read all your comments and i am very happy that i am not the only young person that loves the beatles and JOHN!
i am 14 years old and it is not easy to be with friends that dont like this kind of music. but i think it is just the only way of music that is important, the music of john and the beatles is feeling is living is accepting is love is LIFE.
i cried very much because john is my idol and i am very sad that he is dead it is horrible to imagine the moment when he died but i did it very often and i cried everytime.but 1 month ago i had a dream and i am sure it is true(maybe much ppl that read that will think i am crazy or something but i am not and i belive what i will tell you now)i dreamed:i was in school and suddenly kids said look john is here, i went out and i saw him and i looked up to him and told him how much i love him and that the beatles are my life.then he said :" that isnt good, there are much things that are more important."
fistr i did not understand but now i do(this was not the end of my dream it goes on)
i told him it cant be true you are dead and he said :" it can be it is just .. a dream"
and i asked him if he is in heaven and suddenly he smiled and light and i felt so good like never may ask you why i tell you that, i can say you why, because i want to tell everyone who is sad because they dont know anyhting about john NOW after his dead ....HE IS IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont be sad anymore, dont cry(well maybe it is easier to say than to do, i am still sad but then i remember that he was in my dream he was in my room and then i am happy)john is a legend, the greates man that has ever lived(after jesus),i miss him very much and i think that the music from today is very horrible that is no music that is just a job to make money.
john knew would need much time to tell you everything that i know about john and what i want to say about john but i will just say:john will never be forget because he was john .....:)
i would be happy if anybody write me an e-mail.
peace and love

Posted By: Ralf

Posted On: Feb 28, 2002
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RE: i had a dream

Hi Katherina, it's wonderful to know that some young people out there that love the great john lennon. I'm not a old man, no , i'm a young lover of lennon-music and lennon-philosophy. Your words about john were the words of my heart. thank you!! Ralf from Halle/Germany...

Posted By: Megan

Posted On: Apr 18, 2002
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RE: i had a dream

I agree with you. I had a dream about John and Paul recently, the first time this has ever happened to me and it was quite touching and very exciting. It was like we were all friends, which would be anyone's dream, but especially mine. I have loved the beatles since I was a little girl, because it was in my home growing up. I am now 21 years old and I am taking a class in college on the beatles, which I must say is the most enlightening experience because our prof. knows everything there is to know about the beatles and loves John very much...I appreciate every word and every song he sang so much more than ever now. (and believe me, I have loved him for a long time!) I just told my best friend today that I imagine that I will be able to meet John one day in Heaven and I can't believe I read this online tonight about your dream. I know he has had his moments of impurity just like any other normal person, but I am sure he is resting in Heaven now and remembering all of the good times he had with the beatles. I hope he can hear what I am saying now and loves me back for being his fan and for admiring him so much.

Posted By: kathy

Posted On: Apr 19, 2002
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RE: i had a dream

today i got your e-mail and i am very happy that you wrote me gives me a feeling named"lucky" :)i think it was right to tell you my dream because it was not only a dream for me it was a dream for the whole world.
i hope you could be in tuoch with me to tell me more about ...john..the beatles and whatever you want to
peace and love kathy

Posted By: Sarah

Posted On: May 2, 2002
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RE: i had a dream

Kathy im so pleased i didnt think there was anyone in the world like me. I am 14 years old and love and believe in John Lennon and get a lot of hassle for it. i cry so much about his terrible death but find comfort in knowing that the way forward is to continue spreading his words of peace and love greatly needed at this time of the world. Keep up your brilliant attitude kathy you are one of the rare believeres who will help make this world a better place. Ignore snide comments and keep the dream live Good luck and well done
Peace and love.

Posted By: Marc-Antoine

Posted On: Sep 28, 2002
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RE: i had a dream

Hi!!! I'm 15 years old and I'm also a fan of John Lennon, but I have a question for you, do you think that John Lennon really try to reach you or it was really just a dream? Maybe he wants to tell you to not worry about him, he's in heaven. Whatever, I hope you'll answer me. JOHN LENNON RULES!!!
good bye

Posted By: Katharina

Posted On: Sep 29, 2002
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RE: i had a dream


i hope you will get this mail :)
you really read my comment about this dream? thats great, long ago, but great :)
well....yeah i really believe that john was in my dream, it was not just a typical dream he was there.he told me in this dream that it IS just a dream.....think about that:)
i am sure that john wanted to tell me that i should not be sad anymore, i cried all the time about his dead, i forgot all the good things that john left us on this world, it was not john came to me to tell me that he is in heaven...i dont know if you believe in a life after the dead, but i do and so...john is in heaven and he was in my dream to make me happy again...and he did it really:)
i hope i could help you and answer your question!
you can write me again whenever you want:)
peace and love


Posted By: andrew

Posted On: Oct 8, 2002
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RE: i had a dream

i am 16, and i am a john lennon fan. he is the inspiration to me even picking up a guitar. everyone should have an idol, and he is definetly mine. but on the other hand, to say lennon was the greatest man ever next to jesus is troubling. to call john a god is kind of insulting. he was just a simple man with a great message and amazing talent. take it for what its worth. god bless

Posted By: JOHN

Posted On: Jan 8, 2004
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RE: i had a dream


Posted By: katharina

Posted On: Jan 8, 2004
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RE: i had a dream

hello john!

its great that you also read my masseage about my dream about john! it is long ago, so i was amazed that still anybody writes me, but i really loved it!
well what you said is true, i think. it was no dream and we will join john and allour relatives and friends! it would be great john, if you write me to tell me more about your experiences...
peace and love

Posted By: Dan J

Posted On: Mar 31, 2005
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RE: i had a dream

To Andrew,

Think about what God means to you and what he stands for, do not picture a vision of him. Got that thought in your head.......that is John Lennon to us.
No, you are right, John is not Jesus Christ, he never wanted to be....He is John Lennon.

It's good to see so many young Lennon fans.


Posted By: Keeg

Posted On: Mar 19, 2006
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RE: i had a dream

hi im a big john lennon fan to a lot of kids that i go to school with like the new crapy music so i now wut ur going through i would like u to email me and tell me more about ur dream