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Posted By: Tristan Farmer

Posted On: Sep 4, 2002
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Was John a philosopher?

A lot of quotes i have read by John Lennon implies that he may be some kind of philosopher, is this the truth, or was he just a man that spoke his thoughts, and was not too sure of what he was saying? I believe that he was a man of great talent, and he had amazing inner peace, but did he truly know to the extent of what he was saying?

Posted By: CoyoteCrow

Posted On: Sep 23, 2002
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RE: Was John a philosopher?

Yes, he was definitely a philosopher. He, like many artists, wrote from a place where the conscience is in tune with a, if you will, a depth of the divine. He may very well not have known the direct impact, or, even the meaning of some of his words ,as beautiful art comes from a higher level of existence we rarely visit due to mental distractions from the mundane.
Artists usually only stay for a few moments now and then in an enlightenment.