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Posted By: Lennon is a God

Posted On: Aug 4, 2003
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What's up with Lennon's song God not being on the list of favorite Lennon songs? That one is clearly my favorite. The balls of this man to write a song which was so raw and so honest in the face of world who so repeated forces their insecure self-righteous garbage at you. But even moreso is the far more important lesson 'I just believe in me.' Whether or not you believe in God or not (though I doubt Lennon did), is almost irrelevant. You've gotta feel your own pain, live your own life, dream your own dreams. Believe in God? Fine. But as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, you gotta realize the God in you.

Posted By: DOMINIC

Posted On: Aug 6, 2003
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RE: "God"

i believe what you are saying, i have my in and outs with god, but i dont know much about stuff like this since i am 13 years old. but what i do know is that lennon is the best musician still living in our hearts. thats all i gotta say so peace. im out

Posted By: Tonya

Posted On: Nov 18, 2003
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RE: "God"

Yeah, there are a lot of songs missing from that list in my opinion.

Posted By: Sean

Posted On: May 24, 2004
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RE: "God"

The song "God" is one of his best songs. Like you said he is telling all his reflections on life and relizing it has come to a pause. He is questioning what is yet to come of him. He was the Walrus but now he is just John and he will have to carry on his life as just John.