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Posted By: Dom

Posted On: Aug 16, 2003
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Favorite Lennon Song

Just post your favorite Lennon song and post why its your favorite song.

Posted By: Ian B

Posted On: Sep 8, 2003
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

One of my favorite Lennon songs is "Here comes the sun", every time that I hear that song I fall to my knees because the song meens so much to me. Also "Lovely Rita Meater Maid" and "Lady Madonna." And "Let it Be" that song just makes so much scence to me, when i have to fight with people, i just need to tell myself "Let it Be"
Thatswhat I think

Posted By: Spassewr

Posted On: Sep 9, 2003
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

"Here comes the sun" isn't a John Lennon song, George Harrison wrote and sung it. Don't wanna be a wise as but you gotta give Harrison some credit too.

Posted By: DOM

Posted On: Sep 17, 2003
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

Paul McCartney also sang those other songs u named, they are good to. i like Imagine and Watching the Wheels for my favorite john lennon songs.

Posted By: Tonya

Posted On: Nov 18, 2003
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

I think Ian b. purposely names those songs, knowing full well who wrote them. If not, I apologize for assuming such. But I think I'm write.

In any case, I do agree with him on "Here Comes the Sun." The others aren't my bag.

My favorite John song is "Mother." Its SUCH a powerful song. I can't remember when I first heard it, but I know I had no clue it was John Lennon's song and I thought, "Jesus, this person is tormented." And it totally, totally moved me. This coming from soneone with a rather stable family. But the song is so beautiful. I get emotional hearing it every time. It says so much about John as well. He liked to portray that hard-ass image a lot, but deep down he was an incredibly sensitive person. Such a song shows that. The singing is breathtaking, and I love the whole raw nature of the song. Perfect. Masterpeice.

Posted By: Geryalex

Posted On: Nov 29, 2003
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

Really, lan b., why did you name only songs which are not written by John? That's simply not fair - neither to John, nor to George, nor to Paul.
In my opinion it's not necessary to choose a favourite song by anyone of them. Each one is unique. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - I mean, the "Some Time in New York City" album is always said to be nothing special; this is something I could never agree with. I was completely struck when I heard it for the first time some 8 years ago. By the way, somebody says that "Stand by Me" is not John's song - well, so f***ing what? It's the best version I've ever heard (and I've heard many). Just like "Please Mr. Postman" - anyone of you ever heard a better cover?? It drives me crazy, makes me shiver! I myself love every single Beatle song - no matter who wrote it, who sang it and so on. I get so irritated when someone asks me about my favourite - well, I say, it's Hey Bulldog. It appeals to me in the same way Help! does. That says it all, I believe.

Posted By: dmoon

Posted On: Dec 8, 2003
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

John Lennon's best song, (my opinion) >
REVOLUTION(lp version).
Happy Christmas
War is Over if You Want it !

Posted By: Trekkie

Posted On: Dec 17, 2003
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

oh come on... you all have to be KIDDING ME!!!

you all know that I AM THE WALRUS is his best ever!

*starts singing the song*

(goo goo g jooob!!)

Posted By: bill skelton

Posted On: Nov 21, 2004
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song


Posted By: late4

Posted On: Dec 31, 2004
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

Across The Universe is my favorite song in the world! Dear Prudence is cool too.

Posted By: Martin Crook

Posted On: Jan 10, 2005
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

submitted for your perusal:-
"Hey Bulldog"- not a song that got much interest, but for me one of the songs that defines the early years Lennon: the voice is sharp, the tone in those vocals has that growl developed by devotion to the art of rock vocals, with a hint of his later style shown in the ADT-(automatic double tracking)studio technique. This is so raw-and it has one of the poxiest piano intos ever, echoed greatly by George on guitar, then Paul on bass. The ad-lib Scouse vocals near the end give an "up-yours" finger to the meaning of "song",, but then that's completely in-character right? The lyrics should be political lessons:"What makes you think you're something special when you smile?" and the repeated"you can talk to me" (a premonition of the future rappers maybe??)

Posted By: jodie

Posted On: Apr 24, 2005
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

I like all the peaple because it makes me cry

Posted By: Jessica

Posted On: Sep 18, 2005
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song


Posted By: Lily

Posted On: Jan 16, 2006
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

so hard to pick a favorite! aside from the ones people have already mentioned, "god" always gets me...right when he says "i just believe in me...yoko and me...that's reality..." strawberry fields, day in the life, happiness is a warm gun, julia...agh, so good!

Posted By: Dan

Posted On: Mar 4, 2006
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RE: Favorite Lennon Song

God is a great song also by Lennon.

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