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Posted By: Robert Mulder

Posted On: Mar 1, 2006
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John Lennon - A True Hero!

Dear John!
You had only one vision! PEACE ON EARTH!
You did everything you could to bring peace to our world.
You were a person who always lived with the people.
It was you who always walked in the city without any security.
It was you who greeted whoever greeted you.
It was you who even wasn't rich as Paul McCartney who, did not go to arguments publicly with his old pal.
You ultimately paid the price for been so nice to people by letting someone kill you in-front of your apartment.
Lennon.. we miss you a lot... none(not even Paul) can fill up the your lost.
You will always be in our hearts.. now and forever as a humble, un-selfish true hero.
God Bless and Rest in Peace John...:)

Posted By: SuzyAngelica

Posted On: May 19, 2006
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RE: John Lennon - A True Hero!

I wouldn't classify John Lennon as a hero. I think of him as a rebel with a cause. He was an exceptionally creative and talented man whom I have adored since I was a teenager. John Lennon will live in my heart forever!