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Posted By: Laddie

Posted On: Nov 30, 2006
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These were the main interests withinb John Lennon. His unique way of picking the words for his songs, the people that influenced his life, and wanting allon earth to live in peach with eachother. A person like John will never come again. Through him we can all learn alot about eachother and ourselves. Peace John

Posted By: jimmy

Posted On: Dec 1, 2006
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RE: Music/People/Peace

thats what music SHOULD be all about and atleast john did it,its sad he's the only one.but i think he influenced alot of people who i hope do the same as john did


Posted On: Jan 13, 2007
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RE: Music/People/Peace

Hey Jimmy,
I dodn't think he's the only one... but there is a lot of oppression in Europe to the PEACE movement, for example. If you find any PEACE activist artist who isn't in any kind of trouble, I'll be surprised. I WILL SEND YOU A TAPE WITH MY MUSIC if you can 'recall' that.


Posted By: Friend

Posted On: Jan 18, 2007
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RE: RE: Music/People/Peace

John Lennon is a symbol.
I was born in former Soviet Union, in 1988. As I know from my parents, The Beatles always were idols for Ukrainian, Russian etc. hippies, who never recognized Soviet power and government. Music from West was believed to be FREE. The Beatles, Lennon, Pink Floyd was half legal, because regime didn't want young people to hear something except radiostation from Moscow. It was really hard to get some tapes or records with "free" mucis. They were like "winds of freedom"! :) Young people and hippies were some kind of social opposition to regime. At that times everyone who didn't think "properly" was suspicious for policemen. Strange times... Thanks God I live in democratic country were people can elect the government, speak loudly about their problems and listen whatever they like. Our "Orange revolution" was against old communists, who still wants us to think in old way.
I just want to say that John Lennon will stay in our hearts. His music is immortal...