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Posted On: Apr 12, 2011
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Will You Buy Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts online ?

Everyday we need wear the best clothing at top quality , but we need save money , so purchase Ralph Lauren polo shirts online are now becoming more and more popular by worldwide people .and many people would rather Get Ralph Lauren polo shirts online

The whole line started around the nineteen seventies when Lauren designed twenty four original knit shirts in different colors. The designed was based on the uniform worn by polo players and was a favorite among them because of their comfortable fit and the fact that the collar stayed down during the game. Today, it is wardrobe staple of any men’s closet, and has inspired many variations.

There are many ways to identify an original polo. First, the collar has a distinctive tubular taping across the neck and shoulders. This provides support to the cloth and body. The collar and armbands are especially tight to prevent waving from repeated washing. It also adds a more fitting look for the wearer. Next, the buttons have beveled edges and are cross-stitched in to make the more durable. The horizontal button holes hold the shirt in place and prevent the buttons from slipping out. Finally, the uneven vented hem and extended tail of the cloth keeps the mesh tucked in and provides for more movement for the wearer.

There are generally two types of fit for this wardrobe: the classic wear and the fit classic look. The classic style has lower arm sleeves and fall about an inch and a half longer than other styles. The cut is extended and fuller throughout the body for a more comfortable fit. It also has a longer back hem to make it easier to tuck into the pants.

The slim cut in comparison has shorter sleeves. It is also about two inches smaller across the body to portray a more sculpted look. It also has a shorter hem and is designed to be worn outside the pants.

For women, the rules are more or less the same. The classic women’s cut is an inch and a half longer in the front and back hem. The traditional ladies’ silhouette is used to provide a versatile and timeless look. The skinny fit accentuates the curves of the body. It has shorter sleeves and has shorter trim to reveal a modern and hip look.

The sizes range from the adult men’s to children’s sizes. These are categorized according to age from two to seven and another for eight to twenty. You can purchase these wholesale Ralph Lauren polo shirts in any design you want.
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