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Posted On: Apr 29, 2011
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How to Learn About Breitling Replicas Watches ?

Breitling replicas watches look exactly like their real counterparts. Some models even have the extra functionalities offered by the Swiss maker. These timepieces are available in a variety of different designs with different functions depending on their type of use. All of them share the unique beauty and timelessness that can’t be found anywhere else.

Breitling is truly one of the premier brands for authentic Swiss watches. They are one of the world leaders when it comes to producing high-end certified chronometers. These were first produced for aviators who wanted the most accurate meters for their job. This is still reflected in the number of aviation functions that are still available in the watches. Today, they are symbols of prestige and luxury. The typical Breitling has a rather large face that is at least forty eight millimeters in diameter. This allows for the best visibility and gives the owner more information at a glance.

There are now models that have an automatic winding mechanism without any need for electronic parts. These original timepieces are all made in Switzerland all from the finest Swiss components. The whole process of design and assembly is done in-house.

The Chronomat Evolution 756 is one of the most elegant and handsome timepieces that you can hope to own. It is encased in the traditional Breitling template with subtle additions to its style that only the brand can offer. It has a beautiful silver dial feature with gold sub dials at the twelve, six and nine positions. At the three o’clock position, you have an easy to read date window. Large dashes are added for indices with a rotating bezel to add more functionality. There are also large golden buttons on the side of the case to allow for hand-wind movement. The whole assembly is encased in a bracelet of stainless steel with hints of gold. The window itself is made of the finest scratch-resistant sapphire.

Another beautiful addition is the Navitimer 701 Chronograph. This one also looks just as timeless as its predecessor, but offers a modern touch that would look just as contemporary in any setting, be it in the office or on the greens with your associates. The dial face is patterned in a deep black with the sub dials at the three, six and nine positions. The date window has been cleverly positioned at the four thirty mark which makes it easily discernable yet still allows room for the other markers. Arabic numerals done in golden dashes act as the indexes and just like the previous model, a rotating bezel is added. On the right of the case are golden and silver mechanical hand-wind dials. The bracelet is also made of stainless steel. The whole package has its own forty two millimeter stainless steel case.

For the avid adventurer out there, the Emergency series should be stylish enough for your needs yet still have enough gadgets to help you out in the field. This one has a radio transmitter which can broadcast a distress frequency if you are ever in need of that. This signal is strong enough for from up to ninety nautical miles away. All of these features are available in the same stylish casing of the Brand. There are large numbers at the three, six, nine and twelve positions to make them quite easy to discern. Everything else is done in a stainless silver mode.

These Breitling replicas watches and other models match all of the previously mentioned series. They have the same number of digits and have the bezels copied down to within a few millimeters. You won’t be able to tell the difference when you have one of these on your wrist.
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