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Posted By: Jack Lee

Posted On: May 8, 2011
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Discount Burberry Shirts Exclusively Available at

From the world renowned British luxury fashion house comes Burberry shirts. This is from the same brand that is famous for its distinctive tartar pattern which has been copied by other famous luxury houses the world over. Another of its famous trademarks is the trench coat which has been revitalized into an iconic fashion wear. All of these trademarks can be found in the newest arrivals.

The brand is now extremely popular, but its rise started in the early seventies and peaked in the last thirty years. It is now considered a luxury icon and is now found in numerous fashion magazines and worn by many leading British celebrities. To this day, the trench coat has been reinvented several times to fit with the company’s style. The checkered tartar is also used prominently, even in its accessories.

From among the choices available, the Check Merino wool and silk mesh t-shirt is stylish but understated. This is one has short sleeves made from specially selected wool and silk knit. The brand is also famous for its ribbed round neckline which is very meticulously made. This selection comes in black or sisal colors.

Cardigans are also quite popular. The V-neck zip front cardigan is stylish and goes well for any occasion. As with the sweater, this selection also has a finely ribbed pair of shoulder panels. The extra pads on the elbow patches are also a nice touch. For these cardigans, two large patch pockets on the front provide an additional feature. The zipper used has a finely engraved brand logo in the style of a vintage feel.

Short sleeve shirts are a great selection for casual days. In Burberry's line, the half placket shirt which has its inspiration in the military is fashionable but still rugged enough for going out. It has stylish epaulettes that can be cuffed down with button tabs. The collar has one button at the middle, with three buttons down the placket. On the chest level there are two military-style pockets. All of the buttons have the brand's logo engraved. The entire outfit is done in white which gives it a very clean look.

The tartar pattern makes its appearance in the mega check cotton tunic. This piece is a three quarter long tunic with sleeves done in large checkered patterns. The collar has a single button, with the entire shirt done with five buttons along the placket. The end cuffs are also adorned with buttons. The hems are done in a rounded tail manner.

The men have an equally stylish outfit with the slim fit tonal check Jacquard shirt. This is a long sleeved shirt with a rich checkered pattern available in charcoal, pale blue, white, navy and aviator gray. There are patched pockets on the side of the upper chest which goes very well with the button down collars and the placket of seven other buttons. The seams are done in a non-obvious ruche manner to give this outfit a more casual appearance.

Another one that is sure to attract the attention of your friends is the slim fit cotton check shirt. This one also has a checkered pattern done in true indigo. A square collared attire with a one button closure, this has a single pocket on the left hand side. Buttons engraved with the Burberry logo open and close the front of this classy design.

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