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Posted On: May 10, 2011
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Tips To Buy The Best Dsquared Mens Jeans for Guys

There is no brand like Dsquared, that’s their jeans are one of the most sought after in the world. At the prices only available online, you’ll be able to purchase the pair that you’ve always wanted. Whether you want Dsquared mens jeans for everyday wear or you’re looking for a special pair for those extra special occasions, this is the only brand that you should look for.

Get the rugged look for yourself with a pair of blue worn pairs. The jeans have a Delave effect which is evident in the cuts and scratches that have been aesthetically applied to the midsection. This slash detailing is becoming more and more popular. It also has a dark wash look to make the wear look more authentic. This is a straight leg cut that has the logo on the inside. This design is available in sizes from forty two up to fifty six.

Another popular choice is the grey pair that has also the worn out look. This time it features stains to give it a rugged and painterly effect. This one is done in a dark wash to give contrast to the grays and whites. This is a low waist and tapered leg cut that gives a sexy hug to your curves. The logo can be found on the rear back and pockets. This is made from cotton and spandex fabrics.

While these rugged designs have proven to be very popular, there's nothing like a good pair of clean cuts for more semi-formal occasions. The denim white cotton is a great selection when you need to dress to impress. It is a stretch pair that has been done in dark wash. It has five pockets for that extra bit of detail. This is also a low waist selection but has a tapering leg cut to give it a clean look. Contrasting details give a hint of sophistication to the overall design.

A good fit between the extremes presented above is the dark blue denim jeans. This one is done in a simple dark wash with straight cuts. Without any other adornments, this comes of as a beautiful but elegant pair. You can get this in seven different sizes from forty two to fifty four.

One thing that you will need is a more formal look. You can get that with the dark blue gabardine pants also available from the website. This one is low waisted with a straight cut look. Made from one hundred percent cotton, this is the pair to wear for the more formal functions. Going for a more bohemian yet sophisticated look, go with the cotton pants. This is also low waisted with folded up ends for a more semi-formal attire.

A more interesting choice is the brightly colored pair that is available in a daring deep green or red. This is what you should wear to the part as it's an immediate attention grabber. As with the previous selections, this one is a tapered leg cut selection that is also made with a low waist cut.

For your final selection, go with the brown gabardine cotton pants. This striking selection has detailed metallic inserts that act as pockets. The fabric itself is quite handsome and gives off an attractive sheen. Wear them to formal affairs or fold them up and put them on with some sandals and you can go virtually anywhere that you want.

These Dsquared mens jeans may sound the same, but you will find a huge difference when see the designs for yourself. They are as different in their looks as they are in their functionality. You can select one of each for the different occasions that you’ve already lined up for yourself.

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