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Posted By: Omar Shukri

Posted On: Mar 21, 2003
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hey everyone.
well i saw the votes in this web and i think its all wrong,,,
HOW can someone rate someone with out knowing him/her."i bet none of who voted them does"
KING Abdulla should be the first vote ,,
same with the others ,,
i am a proud Jordanian ,,and i dont know any of them personaly,,but fom what i see from them is that they are so nice with people here in Jordan,
and i mostly see one of them once a month in caffe's
and general places.
so if anyone wants to vote,,,,,,well
vote for them ALL.

Posted By: zakia

Posted On: Sep 24, 2003
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i agree with you but Queen Rania and Queen Alia are my fav. So i vote for Queen Alia, i don't know them and i'm not from Jordan but from morocco. The two just impressed me.

love zakia

Posted By: Carla

Posted On: Dec 25, 2005
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well, personally I deeply dislike, for reasons, both QR and KA the II, so I voted for Prince Hamzah, second for me should be Queen Noor of Jordan, the only and real Queen of your country.


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