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Posted By: Archraider

Posted On: Feb 21, 2002
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Story Line

Did anyone beside me notice the lack of logic in the story line. Here a freighter has been repeatedly preyed upon by pirates, the Nausicaans, who have stolen cargo, injured and possibly killed crew members of the freighter and generally made the lives of the crew precarious and we are to believe that the freighters should not seek to put a stop to these actions? The only fault I can find with the first-mate's, Ryan Cross, actions are that they were not well thought out. What he needed to do was to gather a number of freighters and go after the Nausicaans. His ship was woefully under equiped to alone take on a tactical role.

And the crap that Mayweather spouted off about not attacking the Nausicaans in order to protect future freighter runs is so fuzzy that I almost turned off the show at that point. What was propounded here, that people should turn the other cheek whatever the cost?

Finally, I certainly do dot want any of the freighter crew attempting to protect me! Those guys couldn't hit the broadside of a starship if they were inside it!