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Posted By: Peter

Posted On: Jul 3, 2002
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USA protects criminals like Kissinger

The real reason for the USA not to join the new world court is to protect people like Kissinger and other illuminati friends from persecution!But can they ran away from God??

Posted By: Oz the Omnipotent

Posted On: Jul 28, 2002
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RE: USA protects criminals like Kissinger

The USA is against the criminal court because it commits war crimes...
It is illegal under international law to bomb villages or towns populated by the US is doing in afghanistan. Americas excuse is that smart bombs can hit exact targets without harming civilians but clearly they aren't as accurate as they'd like us to believe....

For more information consult your pineal gland.

"Just ignore the man behind the curtain"
-Oz the Omnipotent

Posted By: Peter Hallam

Posted On: Oct 12, 2003
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RE: USA protects criminals like Kissinger

The USA has always protected war criminals and terrorists.

Terrorism is the number one means of controlling the public. Above democracy, above capitalism and above propaganda. Fear is the number one controller of people.

Anyone that can effectively manipulate fear can control the public and influence their decisions and reactions. This is part of the CIA training manifesto and also recognized by many of the worlds leading military powers.

Shock and awe!! Iraq knows what its like. So do Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Colombia, Afghanistan and about forty other countries that have suffered under the US military machine. People will do what you want if they are scared and you hold their future in the palm of your hand, i.e. a gun to someone’s head or the head of a loved one. People will do what you want until you turn your back for one moment.

Unfortunately for the American people, there are almost fifty countries around the world who have been at the wrong end of a gun toted by US military personnel. Or CIA operatives.

America isn’t the most hated nation on earth for no reason at all. Even Australia has been at the wrong end of CIA and White House policies over the last thirty years.

It’s no good living in a socialist country when Capitalism is held in such high regard by a foreigner. State owned enterprises are eyed very greedily by most multinationals and American government departments are often "involved" to help procure the "privatization" of such publicly owned state assets.

There is a very good reason that America wont sign the war crimes act and ratify the document that would require the handing over of people accused of war crimes. America has too much to lose. America also doesn’t have enough money to pay compensation to all the people that have been wronged through the last sixty years of American “foreign policy”.

America must start being nice to third world countries soon, as well as those countries, not third world but less militarily powerful or economically dominate. America is fast running out of friends. And every one likes to see the underdog win a fight.

It wont be the Corporate Republican puppets that pay the price when the planet decides not to buy American products anymore. It will be the average American Joe, the student, the single parents, the African Americans and the people without millions of dollars in the bank, who feel the pinch from Boycott Brand America.

I don’t and wont every buy American products again. Everyday I try and influence just one person to change their spending habits. To buy from a nice person, to buy from their neighbor. Only one, one a day. And I will do this for the next fifty years! I encourage people to access information, to educate themselves. To differentiate between propaganda and the truth in media. I encourage people to recognize public relations exercises biased reporting. Information is power, Knowledge is a weapon. More effective that bombs or bullets.

I am disgusted at the sanctions imposed on one of the most isolated nations on earth, by the richest and most powerful nation on earth. I am disgusted that America has now imposed sanctions on a country that has been attacked by Israel. I do not hate Jewish people, but the actions of Israel in Palestine and Syria are unforgivable.

Us Ambassador Madeleine Albright said “the price of half a million Iraq children’s lives is worth it” when asked by journalist John Pilger in an interview for his documentary “Paying the Price”, televised on ITV march 6 2000. If the price of the lives of half a million children is worth it when it comes to White House objectives, then terrorism means nothing to the people that dictate police in America. This is why America wont ratify the War Crimes Tribunal. To many Americans would have to front it!!

If America continues with their current Foreign and Economic Globalization policies, then very soon America may have NO FRIENDS LEFT.

America had better pay attention to the decisions it's leader make for it. Sometimes there is no turning back. Sometimes there is no apologizing for crimes against humanity.



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