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Posted By: Martijn

Posted On: 5 days ago
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If you have trouble...

... it's difficult to give 2 stars to what you consider wonderful listening, or 1 star which would still at least get 2 stars compared to other artist...

I just ranked the albums 1 - 23 (actually, I abstained the live albums and the ballet, so it was more 1-20), and then made divisions:

The first 3 got 5 stars
The next 5 got 4 stars
The next 6 got 3 stars
The next 4 got 2 stars
The last 2 got 1 star

(I have to do performance reviews twice a year, and am expected to have similar distribution of the ratings for my team members how they compare to each other, and this is the only way I can do it without wanting to give everyone 3 or 4 stars)


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