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Posted By: Gabby

Posted On: 5 days ago
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No 5's

I'm such a hard a$$ - I haven't given any of the albums a 5 star rating. For an album to achieve that it has to be nothing but exceptional, and although I am a HUGE HUGE PSB fan, when it comes down to it, I don't think they have ever achieved that.

To me a 5 star album would be the first album (self titled) by Electronic or New Order's "Technique".

For my money PSB have come close several times, but just not quite pulled that off. An album with a few 5 star songs, does not a 5 star album make.

Posted By: Tom Rosenberger

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: No 5's

Seriously? There are several five star albums there. I'll spare you a lecture on people who can afford to fork over big bucks to do meet-n-greets while not truly respecting the Boys. So Bourgeois you are.

Posted By: BoyStrange

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: RE: No 5's


"Please rate each of the Pet Shop Boys' albums* on a scale of 0 stars (a "bomb') to 5 stars AS THEY COMPARE WITH EACH OTHER—that is, just with other PSB albums, NOT WITH ALBUMS BY ANT OTHER ARTISTS".

- Wayne Studer (CAPS LOCK by me)

This means that you HAVE to give 5 stars to at least one album.

Posted By: James

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: No 5's

I'd have two five-stars, Actually and Very.

Four stars would be Introspective, Nightlife, Super.

And while Please, Behaviour, Fundamental and Yes contain absolute "killer" tracks, they also have quite a lot of "album fillers" that drag down the overall rating (IMHO), so I gave them two stars only.

Posted By: Gabby

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: No 5's

I disagree - a 5 star album to me is one where I can listen through all the way without skipping, or wanting to skip a track. Sadly PSB haven't achieved this in my books.

I'm only comparing it to other albums to give a guide as to what I think deserves that accolade. I don't believe you HAVE to give anything full marks if it's not truly deserved be that on comparative or its own merits.

Sheesh, I didn't think my comment would be remotely controversial.

Posted By: BoyStrange

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: No 5's

Well, it's quite controversial from a methodological point of view.

Unless you mean that the perfect PSB album is yet to be released. Then I follow you.

Posted By: Mika H

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: No 5's

I occasionally make my rankings of "how often do I actually listen to these tracks" per album, which isn't the same thing "how many of these tracks are actually good".

My October Symphony, for example, is in one of my (and nearly everyone's) favorite PSB album, and from a literary POV, it's great. Musically, I still find it as lacking as I always have. But it's a fantastic track, I just don't listen to it unless I'm listening through the entire album (which happens quite rarely these days, for that matter).

Which technically puts it in the same category as Winner, which I still hold to be PSB's worst track ever (and marks the moment where I briefly thought PSB had lost it for good). So while I never listen to those two tracks, I still think that My October Symphony has tons of merits and Winner has none.

Sure, these listening habits change in time (often cyclically). Last year, I ranked Super quite high because after listening through the full album a couple of times, I found myself liking a vast majority of the tracks and playing them quite frequently. Now, it has dwindled down to Burn (and the Age of Love/Inner Sanctum mash-up: I never listen to Inner Sanctum or The Age of Love on their own, only in the form of that great mash-up). That said, The Dictator Decides is still rich in thought-inducing literary content.

So the point of all this rambling is this: I do understand why someone can't give something a perfect score if it really isn't perfect. So under my listening habits v. actual quality criteria, there really isn't a perfect PSB album either.

But that's not the way I see this poll. PSB's albums from Please to Relentless (well, not Disco) all get a 5/5 from me because, IMO, they represent the era when they were at the top of their game - rounding up to perfection. Only Yes and Electric get a 5/5 aside from the aforementioned, as for me those two albums mark the closest PSB has been to their prime years.

Posted By: Gabby

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: No 5's

BoyStrange, I do actually agree with your sentiment that the perfect PSB album hasn't been released. That's not to say there are no great PSB albums. I rank many of them very highly, but 5 star perfect? Not so much.

As I said, I am a bit hard nosed about this all. Some probably are closer to a 5 than a 4 star, but I think rounding up would doing a disservice to the survey.

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: 5 days ago
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RE: No 5's

I see your point, Gabby, and I can't dispute it.

Ultimately, it's up to every individual voter to determine the criteria for his or her rating selections. My suggestions were just that -- suggestions -- for voters to take or leave as they see fit.



Posted By: alk

Posted On: 4 days ago
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RE: No 5's

BoyStrange is very much right in asserting that every list must have at least one 5-star album, as we're dealing with a specific universe of objects compared solely to each other.

Reason: assume you've never watched a single movie in your entire life; the moment you do, it becomes 'the best' *you* have ever watched; watching a second one raises the question of whether these two are equally good - with both being 'the best' - or if one is below the other; and so forth.

The poll here obviously forgoes this 'relational' approach for a numerical one, and Martjin has made a nice link between them.

A list without a 5 doesn't seem to make any sense.

Posted By: Andrew S.

Posted On: 3 days ago
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RE: No 5's

Hi Gabby,

I don't think your view is controversial whatsoever! Our tastes vary. I was just pleased to see you reference New Order's "Technique" and Electronic's debut, the latter infused with Tennant on "Patience of a Saint" and "Getting Away With It." Some immaculate songs on both albums --- "Vanishing Point," "Idiot Country."

You've never had the urge to skip "Soviet" on the Electronic album?

On a juvenile note: Doesn't it sound like Sumner sings "And my fart is on vacation" on "Reality"?


Posted By: Toaster in the Bath

Posted On: 3 days ago
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RE: No 5's

Gabby,although I probably gave more LPs 5 stars than I should have done I respect your ordering system and I have to say 'Electronic' and 'Technique' are pretty good blueprints for 5 star LPs. This makes me wonder what other records you would rate 5 stars?(I happen to be walking past a record shop later today...)

Posted By: Gabby

Posted On: 3 days ago
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RE: No 5's

Andrew S. - I agree "Soviet" is the least of my favourite tracks on Electronic but I still quite like it as a short instrumental break from the other stuff on the album. It's got a very New Order sound to it.
As for twisted lyrics, I have never noticed that before on you mention it I probably will and it'll never go away! Ha!

Toaster in the Bath - hmm other ones I'd rate as 5 star albums...need to think about that - those two are my stand outs always. I'd say Lightning Seeds "Jollification" comes close but not sure it's quite a 5 star album. Hmm, oh, Prodigy "Fat of the Land" for sure. And an almost 5 for The Smiths "Strangeways Here We Come" which I know is probably the Smiths album a real Smiths fan positively dislikes! lol

Posted By: negative1

Posted On: 11h ago
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RE: No 5's

well, to me i would rather pick 'please' or 'disco' as 5 star albums anyday over the horrible 'technique' album which is one of their worst ones.

also, the electronic album is good, but maybe to me a 3 or 4 star album at the most. not even close to 5 stars.

5 stars to me is not how 'perfect' an album is, but that it is great overall...

nothing is perfect, ever.



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