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Posted By: Andrew S.

Posted On: 4 days ago
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Best & Worst & Other

Hey all,

Anyone else having troubles here? I submitted mine (with some abstentions).

I only want to know a few things:

Bests, worsts, & others. Best albums? Worst? Others (non-mainstream picks, i.e., saying "Release" is the best and "Very" is the worst). In other words, do you have any loves or blahs that don't quite conform with mainstream/fan opinion?

I'd love to know what you believe most people dislike and you love & conversely what many love and you dislike.

Posted By: Raymond

Posted On: 4 days ago
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RE: Best & Worst & Other

I never put ‘‘The Battleship Potemkin’’ or ‘‘The Most Incredible Thing’’ into my CD player, but it seemed unfair to categorize those albums as ‘‘bombs’’ simply because of their nature as soundtracks to visual experiences, rather than as collections of sing-along-able songs, as the other albums are. I gave those each two stars, because, hearing their songs pop up randomly on my MP3 player, I have enjoyed them. Although I couldn’t tell you the names of many of the songs.

I think my bomb was Release. Introspective, Bilingual, and Pandemonium got five stars, and one other, but I’m not sure what. Yes?

Posted By: Andrew S.

Posted On: 3 days ago
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RE: Best & Worst & Other

I agree completely with your assessment of the whole "Potemkin" "Incredible Thing"; I often listen to bits and enjoy them, but can never quite judge them as cohesive PSB albums.

I also like that you mention "Bilingual" as a 5! It's always refreshing to see different points of a view. I also have a major soft spot for the album... several tracks I'm not the biggest fan of, but the quality of the good ones far outweighs the bad. "Up Against It," "The Survivors," and "To Step Aside" are all favorites for me.

Posted By: Paulo

Posted On: 3 days ago
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RE: Best & Worst & Other

A Thousand stars for BILINGUAL...

... as well as for VERY, BEHAVIOUR, ELECTRIC and SUPER.

Posted By: Raymond

Posted On: 2 days ago
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RE: Best & Worst & Other

Andrew, Bilingual was their first album that came out after I had become a fan, and that probably is why I still rate it as my favorite.

Also, when I used to put individual CDs into my player at work, Bilingual was the one that I always listened to straight through, rather than on ‘‘shuffle.’’ I did that because I didn’t like how, on shuffle-play, ‘‘Discoteca’’ was abruptly cut off at its end, rather than seguing smoothly into ‘‘Single.’’ But I often wondered if that — listening to it straight through — was why I liked Bilingual best.

Regarding Introspective, I wasn’t crazy about the rain at the end of ‘‘Left to my own devices’’ being cut off, either, but I could live with that one, for some reason.

Posted By: Samantha

Posted On: 2 days ago
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RE: RE: RE: RE: Best & Worst & Other

Funny and great how opinions differ for I never really liked Bilingual much, apart from a few songs.

On the other hand, I really really like Nightlife and Release, which were two of my 4 star picks.
My five stars went to Actually (it's pure perfection), Please and Super.

Posted By: Andrew S.

Posted On: yesterday
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RE: Best & Worst & Other

Interesting indeed, Samantha. I, for one, am not too thrilled with Super, yet I love the fact that so many people favor it.

It is also interesting that your favorites are the first two albums and the recent album. I always have a problem with "internalizing" new albums, oddly. It takes a long time for an album to "grow" on me. My estimation of Super will likely grow over time. ;)

Posted By: negative1

Posted On: 11h ago
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RE: Best & Worst & Other

to me their first 2 albums were their best (please and disco)..

sure other ones were great.. but then i like remix albums.

i loved concrete, and thought it was an amazing live album.

i hated bilingual, and it pretty much killed off my interest in the group. non of the albums since then have interested me either.

i do like certain songs, singles, and remixes though.



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