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Posted By: MyNameIsDave

Posted On: July 19th
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Cognitive Dissonance?

I like the idea behind this poll, but it has nothing to do with cognitive dissonance :/

I suppose I was most surprised by Behaviour, due to it's low-key approach through much of the album. It's gorgeous though, and it really elevates the indulgent moments when they happen :)

Posted By: Robert

Posted On: July 19th
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RE: Cognitive Dissonance?

Could not say it better!

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: July 21st
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RE: Cognitive Dissonance?

I freely admit the cognitive dissonance thing was quite a stretch for this poll. That's why I include the caveat "or something like it."

If I may employ an extremely strained metaphor, the term "cognitive dissonance" was merely something to hang the question's hat on. ;-)




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