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Posted By: Des

Posted On: 12 days ago
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This was surprisingly easy!
A different point of view
The end of the world
A new life
Too many people
Was that what it was

The only one I hummed and hawed over was I want a dog. It would have been number 6.

Posted By: Robert Schulz

Posted On: 12 days ago
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RE: Choices

And what about the innerworkings of this poll. What intention lies behind this seemingly too easy question. Or did we think its as clear as mud in your eyes? What connection has to be made to differentiate it from other selectionizing?

Posted By: Alan

Posted On: 12 days ago
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RE: Choices


The entire selection would make a splendid setlist.
Even casual fans wouldn't be disappointed.
My top 5:

-Bet she's not your girlfriend
-I want a dog
-It must be obvious
-That's my impression

Posted By: Tom Haridon

Posted On: 12 days ago
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RE: Choices

Agreed it was surprisingly easy. My five
I want to wake up
The end of the world
A different point of view
We came from Outer Space
I want a dog
...and if I could have chosen a sixth
Too many people

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: 12 days ago
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RE: Choices

To try to answer Robert's question, my intentions are multi-faceted, but there's one that's especially significant. I realize that Neil and Chris sometimes visit this website, and I'm hoping that they will see the outcome of this poll and decide to include at least one or two of the top vote-getters in their next tour setlist.


Posted By: Raymond

Posted On: 11 days ago
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RE: Choices

I had the same thought, Wayne. With any luck ...

A different point of view
A man could get arrested
That’s my impression

‘‘The end of the world’’ and ‘‘Was that what it was?’’ got knocked off my list.

Posted By: Robert Schulz

Posted On: 10 days ago
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RE: Choices

Yeah i see what you mean Wayne. (But then it is serious abuse of the public opinion;-)

Posted By: Toaster in the Bath

Posted On: 8 days ago
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RE: Choices

My favourite moments from the last three tours have all been when they've pulled the token obscure-track-from-ye-olden-days-that wasn't-a-single out of the bag, to wit Two Divided By Zero, I Get Excited and In The Night.

At first I thought the results of this poll might act as a spoiler for the token obscure track of their next tour, but they seem to have a very different rating of their output than their fans' and I'm glad to say are not led by them.

(Just in case I'm wrong about the last point though: Hi Neil and Chris, PLEASE DO ANOTHER PRINT RUN OF LITERALLY 42!)


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