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Posted By: Mika H

Posted On: November 5th
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One thing leads to another

Definitely the highlight of Relentless, and not just because it has full lyrics (I like the other tracks as well - that's my Jarre/Vangelis/Kraftwerk roots showing ;) ).

Due to it not being featured in the Very - Further Listening release from 2001 (or any other one after that) - thus not getting commentary from the band, IMO it really is the nr. 1 quintessential PSB track that's completely disregarded by the band itself.

And yet, interestingly enough, even for an LGBT-associated band like PSB, its lyrics probably wouldn't fly well anymore in today's society. Which now, 14+ years after its release, funnily enough puts it on the same "grim" level as The Resurrectionist (not that I mind, those two tracks are among my PSB favorite tracks!).


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