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Posted By: FrankBos

Posted On: July 2nd
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The hardest era- So Hard

This is easily the most difficult era for me to only pick 3 choices, almost impossible, as I think Behaviour is their greatest album achievement, and as they were firing on all cylinders at this point, even some of the b-sides were stronger than most artist's hit singles. I decided to stick with the main album and selected:

1.) Being Boring
2.) My October Symphony
3.) This Must be the Place I Waited Years to Leave

If I could cheat on this round and add 3 favourite non-album ones separately, I would select these 3 because I think they're stellar and should-have-been smashes:

1.) Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
2.) Was It Worth It
3.) It Must Be Obvious

Posted By: Jonathan Cooper

Posted On: July 5th
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RE: The hardest era- So Hard

I think almost every track in this era is a masterpiece in it's own way. It was hard to decide on three.

I like 'b' sides as I think they are pure Pet Shop boys, whereas some tracks (Introspective's Left to my own devices for example, the whole Yes album) as brilliant as they are, are not 100 percent PSB


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