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Posted By: Jeff B

Posted On: April 18th
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Burn remix

I just today received my copy of Annually with the Undertow CD...
I was really looking forward to hearing the remix of Burn...what a disappointment.
That track has huge potential for a remixer...and its a shame that this is the best they could come up with...I was expecting a real banging mix and this remix is the furthest thing from that...sigh...oh well...I do like the other 2 mixes on the CD...2 out of 3 aint bad, I guess :-)

Posted By: Gabby

Posted On: April 22nd
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RE: Burn remix

"It's 'Burn', Jim, but not as we know it"

Me and my daughter oddly didn't mind it - it's better than the "Liberation" abomination - I just wish these remixes weren't 10 minutes of repetitive sound. Fleshed out a bit to sound more like the verse/chorus structure of the song, it mightn't have been too bad.

Now why isn't anyone mentioning the KLF's "UFO mix" of "It Must Be Obvious" in the same breath as these though?

Posted By: BTC

Posted On: April 22nd
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RE: Burn remix

I am very disappointment in the Burn remix. It's empty.

Posted By: negative1

Posted On: April 23rd
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RE: Burn remix

for anyone that wants to check out my fan mix:
pet shop boys - burn (this disco down mix) 8:44 mp3
pet shop boys - burn (this disco down mix).mp3

it's a little rough, some glitches, and overlaps are a bit off, but for a version 1, it'll do.

it has most of the original, with the chorus repeated, and bits of the remix intro, and outro
to extend it.

feel free to comment, good or bad.


Posted By: EW99

Posted On: April 24th
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RE: Burn remix

Sorry to be contentious but I was very much into what Murk were doing at that time and I really liked the mixes they did of Liberation. Same goes for the KLF and what they did to So Hard.

Never heard of Baba Stiltz before but going by what he/she/they have done on Burn I shall be looking out for them in future (in a positive way).


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