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Posted By: Steve

Posted On: July 6th
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Individual songs? Or concept?

I voted for side 1 of Bilingual. Not that I think they are the best PSB songs, but they, as a whole, do seem to tell a coming out story (a conflicted man feeling uncomfortable in his world, journeys to a new world, falls deeply into the culture and ultimately emerges a happy man). The was Neil's first post-coming out album. I wonder if Neil was trying out a "concept' album approach instead of a their usual collection of unrelated songs. Maybe it's just my interpretation, but when I saw the Album side poll, I immediately thought of Bilingual.

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: July 6th
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RE: Individual songs? Or concept?

I somewhat agree with you, Steve. Although I didn't vote for it myself, Side 1 of Bilingual definitely ranks high for me. It would probably be my own second choice. (I won't reveal my first choice until the end of this poll.) I think it's a very powerful sequence of songs. To be honest, I'm surprised it hasn't earned more votes than it has already. But maybe that's because many (if not most) other voters feel as I do -- very strong, but not quite at the top.




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