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Posted By: James

Posted On: October 7th
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Domino Dancing rules!

Without a doubt, Domino Dancing gave us one of their best videos ever! Boys love it (no matter which way they swing). Girls love it, too. If you're looking for videos that might have negatively impacted their career why not start with 'Home & dry'?

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: October 7th
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RE: Domino Dancing rules!

Well, the "Home and Dry" video had absolutely no impact on their U.S. chart performance (which is the focus of this question) since the Boys' mainstream U.S. singles chart success had ended long before. But I suppose one could make a good argument for the H&D video hurting them elsewhere. Maybe that could be the germ of an idea for a future poll. Thanks!


Posted By: James B

Posted On: October 7th
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RE: Domino Dancing rules!

The 'Home & Dry' video definitely was the end of an era that had pioneered a new fashion or style for every new album, or the appearance of being 'larger than life' such as in their costume videos set across different eras.

When H&D came out they were about 17 year into their chart career, roughly comparable to Beyonce today. Even Eminem is still having number one albums and top ten hits and he's been around for almost two decades

So it's definitely possible to sustain a high level of success for that long or even longer...


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