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Posted By: paula

Posted On: Jan 16, 2005
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read this

y are any of u on this site im on here because my teacher made me come here to listen to m.l.k's speach where he complains about something...i once heard someone say 'having a gun doesn't give you power...' i was disgusted. i really don't think this person had any kind of clue what she was saying. And i think that this is exactly the kind of nonsense that is causing a lot of the problems in the world today. allow me to elaborate by way of a couple of definitions: Power: the ability to compel a non-instinctive behavior through the use of, or the threat of force. Coersion. Authority: the socitally sanctioned right to use power. Or to put it in laymans terms, power means i have the ability to make you do what i want you to, because if you don't, i will hurt you either physically or economically. alternitavely, authority means that the general public has given me the right to treat you this way. (eg. police and government)
Now can you see why this persons flippant statement anout the relationship between firearms and power left me speechless? almost by definition, guns give you power. what they DON'T give you is authority. And that's probably what she meant. or perhaps she was implying that the gun itself doesn't lend to power, but the knowledge of it's function and a willingness to use it does.
but that's not what she said. And, regrettably, her failure to elaborate led me to believe that she was ignorant of the difference. Now if this had been a friend of mine and i in a good natured debate, i would have pointed this out. but as it happens, i saw this on television, the woman was some spokesperson trying to put a stop to inner-city gang warfare. And her seeming lack of knowledge started me thinking. which is never a good thing. i thought about gang warfare. i guess the only thing i don't like about it is when innocent people get hurt because these idiots never learned firearm control.Why is it such a 'bad' thing that these people are killing each other off? think about it. anybody stupid enough to join a 'cult' for lack of a better word, to battle with other zealots over something that doesn't even belong to them, and that they can never collect (eg. streets, turf, or terrirory), deserves to die.
'But' people will whine, 'it's not their fault, they're just looking for something to belong to, the gang is a substitute for family' well, i've already gone on record in a different rant about my feelings on the 'herd' mentality, but let me sum it up for you here, if you are so insecure that you need to belong to a gang for commradery, then don't expect me to cry when they bury you. my feeling is this: let them kill each other. they are just thinning the herd of people to weak to be independent. and if there is one thing this word can do with less of, it's weak willed people.
if you're still desperate to be a sheep and need to be in a gang, go join the Army. They dress better.

Posted By: K.Walker

Posted On: Jan 17, 2005
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RE: read this

You made some valid points however, there are many reasons a person may join a gang and as you stated a sense of fitting in is normally the number one reason. It is easy to judge other's when you haven't experienced the sense of needing to feel like you belong. It's not the smartest thing to do, but their are some that didn't choose their path and just had to go with the flow, So before you condeem all those that belong to a gang just be grateful that you were obviously "Blessed" to have other choices and not having to be put in that type of situation !!!

Posted By: Kandi

Posted On: Feb 9, 2005
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Posted By: eva rodriguez

Posted On: Feb 21, 2005
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hi that true what you wrote tanks for give in use apportunaty to read what you whanted to say and its butiful and true well write back please i will like to here more about you.
love always,
eva rodriguez

Posted By: truth machine

Posted On: Aug 21, 2007
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RE: read this

"started me thinking. which is never a good thing"

You're right about that.