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Posted By: Bill Bahlman

Posted On: 12 days ago
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Sound Quality of 2018 vs 2001 Releases

Has anyone noticed a difference in the sound quality of the 2017/2018 Further Listening and the 2001 Further Listening realeases? Maybe you’ve read an analysis or did your own comparisons. Giles Martin has been doing some amazing remixing of The Beatles albums, The White Album & Sgt. Pepper. I really love them! Some Beatles purists don’t like the new versions, but I think most of the songs were a great success in remixing and remastering. The early Beatles CD releases had terrible sound quality. You can google and find lots of sound quality comparisons for Beatles, Stones and other artists, but I couldn’t find anything for Further Listening releases. Would love to hear from fellow PSB fans! Thank you.

Posted By: Ghost

Posted On: 8 days ago
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RE: Sound Quality of 2018 vs 2001 Releases

The FL discs were not re-mastered for the 2018 release...


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