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Posted By: Daniel

Posted On: July 1st
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Running Order

Left to my own devices (Album Version)
The pop kids (The full story)
New York City boy (The Almighty Definitive Full-length Mix)
Inner sanctum
It's alright (Album Version)

I never particularly liked the album version of "It's alright" until one night four or five years ago when it was played unexpectedly at the end of a fabulous DJ-set at Berghain. It worked very well.

Posted By: Nick Lewis

Posted On: July 1st
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RE: Running Order

My choices would be:

"Opportunities" (Original 12" Mix)
"Paninaro" (The Italian Mix)
"Can You Forgive Her?" (Rollo Mix)
"Minimal" (Album mix)
"Vocal" (Album mix)

Apart from being personal favourites, I chose these tracks as they represent tjh breadth of PSB career, the mixes feature the majority of the original song structure, and that they build upon or feature the original PSB production.

Posted By: Nick Lewis

Posted On: July 1st
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RE: Running Order

(Sorry for the typos in the above - just hammered it out on my mobile!)

Posted By: Mika H

Posted On: July 1st
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RE: Running Order

In The Night
Always On My Mind
Where The Streets Have No Name/CTMEOY
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore

At least for today (July 01, 2017). ;]

(Maybe the 1995 version for In The Night is more dancier, tho')

Posted By: Lucumu851

Posted On: July 2nd
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RE: Running Order

Very interesting poll I have to say.

I went with:

Say It To Me
Absolutely Fabulous
It's Alright

Wasn't easy at all. Very tricky indeed!

Posted By: Frederik

Posted On: July 2nd
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RE: Running Order

When I selected the "other song" option, I was thinking about "Euroboy".

My other selections are mostly recent dance songs (Say it to me; Inner Sanctum; Axis and I'm not scared)

Posted By: James

Posted On: July 3rd
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RE: Running Order

I would have gone with:

Domino Dancing
Love etc
Always on my mind
Go West

Posted By: Edward

Posted On: July 9th
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RE: Running Order

Really surprised at what is ahead at this moment.

I think the operative work here has to be kick-ass, so I was thinking of more faster beats and more driving music. I would also have picked TWO other choices not listed here, were it an option, and included as #5: "I Want to Wake Up" (1993 Johnny Marr Remix) from the CAN You FORGIVE HER import, although I suspect it must be on some of the Further Listening or other materials?

My track list, in order:

1. "It's Alright" (extended dance mix) 10" version

2. "Was It Worth It" (Dub Mix intro segued and then mostly Dub mixed with the Extended Remix)

3. "West End Girls" (Sasha Remix)

> My NOT INCLUDE official vote is:

4. "The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On" (start with the intro from Banji Girlfriend Beats mixed with drum beat section (about 2 minutes in) of The Far Away Dub, then the entirety of the 1997 International Club Mix)

5. "Music For Boys" (Chris Lowe Remix shortened and ending with the Ambient Mix)


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